Amtrak Route - Keystone Corridor - (A)

Amtrak Keystone Corridor (A)

Amtrak Route - Keystone Corridor (A)

This listing included current and discontinued routes operated by Amtrak since May 1, 1971. Some intercity trains were also operated after 1971 by the Alaska Railroad, Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad, Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, Georgia Railroad, Reading Company, and Southern Railway. The Southern Railway and D&RGW routes were taken over by Amtrak in 1979 and 1983 respectively.
Name Indicates Amtrak's name for the train, or in some cases the pre-Amtrak name for trains operating prior to November 14, 1971
Route The endpoints and major intermediate stops for the train. Changes to terminal stations within the same city, as well as route changes that did not modify the endpoint cities, are not shown.
The date Amtrak began operating the train
The date Amtrak ceased operating the train
Notes Additional information concerning name changes and prior operators
Trains conveyed to Amtrak either on May 1, 1971, or afterward
Trains that are currently operating
†‡ Trains conveyed to Amtrak that are currently operating

Current Amtrak Route - Keystone Corridor (A)

Trains providing local intercity service on the Philadelphia to Harrisburg Main Line (the former Pennsylvania Railroad main line) to Harrisburg are now collectively known as the Keystone Service, a name originally introduced in 1981. From 1990 to 2006, individual trains were listed in timetables as Keystone, a name also applied to two different trains in 1971–72 and 1979–81. This table includes only trains that did not operate west of Harrisburg.
Name Route Service
Atlantic City Express
(Amtrak train)
Atlantic City - Harrisburg April 7, 1991 April 1, 1995 One of three branches of the service
Big Apple
(Through Service - Keystone Service)
New York City - Harrisburg April 27, 1980 April 30, 1994 Weekend-only extension of a Clocker. Merged into Keystone Service
(Pennsylvanian train)
New York City - Harrisburg April 27, 1980 October 24, 1981 Weekend-only extension of a Clocker. Renamed Susquehanna
Keystone Executive
Declining Service - Keystone Service)
Philadelphia - Harrisburg April 24, 1983 1986 Replaced a Keystone Service train. Discontinued during cuts to corridor service
Keystone Service
(train) †
Philadelphia - Harrisburg October 25, 1981 October 29, 1994 Renamed from Silverliner Service. Some trains extended to New York beginning in 1994
New York City - Harrisburg October 30, 1994 present
Keystone State Express
(Through Service - Keystone Service)
New York City - Harrisburg April 1, 1990 Mid-1990s Replaced Valley Forge. Merged into Keystone Service
Downingtown - Washington, D.C. April 1, 1990 October 26, 1991 A single one-way trip, #201, was the only Metroliner service ever operated off the Northeast Corridor
Silverliner Service
(train) ‡
Philadelphia (Suburban) - Harrisburg October 29, 1972 October 24, 1981 Replaced Penn Central 600-series trains. Renamed Keystone Service
(Through Service - Keystone Service)
New York City - Harrisburg October 25, 1981 October 29, 1994 Replaced Keystone. Merged into Keystone Service
Valley Forge
(Through Service - Keystone Service)
New York City - Harrisburg October 28, 1973 March 30, 1990 Renamed Keystone State Express
Boston - Harrisburg May 19, 1974 October 25, 1975 Additional weekend-only service

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