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c2c - C
c2c Rolling Stock
c2c Slam-Door Replacement
LTS Rail inherited a fleet of slam-door electric multiple unit Class 302, Class 310 and Class 312 trainsets from Network SouthEast. The original franchise agreement was for 25 sliding door trainsets (consisting of 100 carriages) to be transferred from West Anglia Great Northern (WAGN) and for 44 new trains (consisting of 176 carriages) to be ordered by the company.
LTS Rail ordered 44 Class 357 Electrostar units in 1997, to be leased from Porterbrook. The most elderly Class 302 units were removed from regular service on 4 July 1998, with some sets retained as spares in case of stock shortages. By November 1998, WAGN had released 17 Class 317 units. However, both companies were experiencing an unexpected increase in passenger numbers and WAGN was unable to release more vehicles.
The franchise agreement was renegotiated in November 1998 to replace the entire LTS Rail fleet with new vehicles, allowing for the return of the Class 317s to WAGN and the planned elimination of slam-door stock by March 2002. The first Class 357 train was delivered in 1999.
A second batch of 28 Class 357 units was ordered in December 1999, to be leased from Angel Trains. This satisfied a franchise commitment to increase the fleet by 3 units. Reliability problems with the new trains led to their withdrawal from service at peak times in October 2000.
By way of compensation, two additional units were added to the first order for free by the supplier Adtranz. In 2003, c2c became the first train operating company to have replaced its entire fleet with new accessible trains. The last slam-door Class 312 service ran on 29 March 2003.
In March 2007, after extensive trials, c2c began fitting regenerative braking to its fleet, becoming the first UK train operator to do so. On 3 June 2007, the eve of World Environment Day, one train was given an all-over green vinyl sticker livery with the slogan "All c2c trains are greener now – find out more at – www.c2c-online.co.uk – c2c – the greener way to go" to highlight the completion of the scheme, which the company says has enabled energy savings of up to 20%.
With a few Class 357s being out of service at the same time, from late 2006 two Class 321s were hired from Silverlink for three months for weekday peak-hour use between Fenchurch Street and Laindon, and Pitsea via Rainham, to cover for the unavailable units.
In June 2009, Bombardier began repainting the Class 357 units. The vinyl wraps carrying the original purplish blue and magenta c2c livery were removed and the units reliveried in white with dark blue doors. The last blue liveried train ran on 5 March 2011.
c2c Overcrowding Relief
As part of the new 2014 franchise, c2c committed to leasing new trains to cope with rising passenger numbers, which were boosted especially by the opening of the Docklands Light Railway station at West Ham in 2011 and the rise of Canary Wharf as a financial centre.
The Class 357 trains had been introduced with high density 3+2 seating, consisting of 282 seats and space for 124 standing, giving a total capacity of 406 passengers per four carriage unit. In late 2015 c2c adapted 20% of its carriages into a "Metro" configuration with seats removed around doorways and in the aisle to provide a 2+2 layout. The Metro configuration consists of 222 seats, space for 334 standing, and a total passenger capacity of 556 per four carriage unit.
This addressed the issue of the high volumes of passengers using c2c to travel to/from West Ham and Barking, which, with Upminster, are served by the parallel London Underground service. In the evening peak, these passengers can displace those eastbound passengers who use more easterly and less well-served stations.
In early 2016, c2c announced that it would lease additional trains to relieve overcrowding. This led to its leasing six Class 387s for three years from Porterbrook to increase capacity on the busiest services. The first entered service in November 2016.
c2c Current Fleet
The c2c fleet is maintained at East Ham Depot and Shoeburyness Depot.
  • Bombardier Electrostar   357   EMU
Fenchurch Street/Liverpool Street ↔ Grays/Southend Central/Shoeburyness
c2c Future Fleet
In December 2017, c2c announced an order with Porterbrook for six ten-car Class 720/6 Aventra electric multiple units. The new units are scheduled for delivery between mid and late 2021, meaning they will all be in service three years earlier than the initial planned phased introduction period. The first 720/6 was delivered to c2c on 19 April 2022, and the fleet was due to enter service in 2022.
The order was later changed to 12 5-car units. These new units were planned to replace the allocation of six four-car Class 387 units, which c2c was operating on a short-term lease.
On 6 October 2022, the Southend Echo newspaper quoted a c2c spokesperson as saying that "Our 720 class trains are currently undergoing rigorous testing. We will update our customers as soon as we have more information as to when they will be entering passenger service on the c2c route.”
In a March 2023 interview c2c's managing director Rob Mullen said that it was planned for the Class 720s to enter service later in the year.
On 2 June 2023, MyLondon reported that the new trains would come into passenger service in the following September.
  • Bombardier Aventra    720/6   EMU
Fenchurch Street/Liverpool Street ↔ Grays/Southend Central/Shoeburyness
2022 September 2023 (planned)
c2c Former Fleet
Below is a table of former units operated by c2c.
  • Bombardier Electrostar   387/3   EMU
Fenchurch Street/Liverpool Street ↔ Grays/Southend Central/Shoeburyness
2016   2022
c2c Performance
  • As of 31 March 2022, the statistical performance of c2c is as follows.
  • Between April 2021 and March 2022, there were 28.1 million passenger journeys (up from 15 million in 2020/2021 and down from 47.3 million in 2019/2020).
  • Passengers travelled 622 million kilometres in 2021/22 (up from 329 million kilometres in 2020/2021 and down from 1,201 million kilometres in 2019/2020).
  • In 2021/2022 trains travelled in service for 6 million kilometres (unchanged from 2020/2021 and down from 7.2 million kilometres in 2019/2020).
  • There were 104,283 trains planned to run in service in 2021/2022 (up from 101,145 in 2020/2021 and down from 123,355 in 2019/2020).
  • The percentage of trains on time in 2021/2022 was 83.4% (down from 84.9% in 2020/2021 and up from 82.5% in 2019/2020).
  • 1.3% of planned services were cancelled in 2021/2022 (up from 1.0% in 2020/2021 and down from 1.6% in 2019/2020).
  • c2c has 633.4 full-time equivalent employees (lowest level over the last five years).
  • c2c operates on 125.5 kilometres of route (unchanged). c2c manages 25 stations (unchanged).
c2c Overview
c2c Franchise(s):
London, Tilbury & Southend: 26 May 1996 – 8 November 2014
Essex Thameside: 9 November 2014 – 18 July 2021
c2c Contract(s): Essex Thameside: 19 July 2021 – 20 July 2025
Main Route(s): Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness
c2c Other Route(s):
Fenchurch Street to Grays via Rainham
Fenchurch Street to Pitsea via Ockendon
Liverpool Street to Shoeburyness
c2c Fleet Size:
74 Class 357 Electrostar sets
c2c Stations Called At: 28
c2c Stations Operated: 25
c2c Parent Company:
Prism Rail (1996–2000)
National Express (2000–2017)
Trenitalia (2017–present)
c2c Headquarters: Cutlers Court, 115 Houndsditch, London
c2c Reporting Mark: CC
c2c Dates of Operation: 26 May 1996–
c2c Predecessor: Network SouthEast
c2c Technical Length: 125.5 kilometres (78.0 mi)
c2c Route Map Legend
Fenchurch Street        Liverpool Street
Limehouse                  Stratford
West Ham
East Ham Depot
Dagenham Dock       Upminster
Rainham                     Ockendon
Purfleet                       Chafford Hundred
Grays                          West Horndon
Tilbury Town
East Tilbury               Laindon
Stanford-le-Hope     Basildon
                                  Southend Central
                                  Southend East
                                  Thorpe Bay
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