Enns Valley Railway

Enns Valley Railway


The Enns Valley Railway or Ennstalbahn is an electrified, standard gauge main line railway in the Austrian states of Styria and Salzburg. It was originally built and operated by the Empress Elisabeth Railway Company. The line is an important link for the two Austrian states, West Austria and Germany.

Enns Valley Railway Overview

Enns Valley Railway Line Number: 102 01
Enns Valley Railway Route Number: 250
Enns Valley Railway Line Length: 98.6 km (61.3 mi)
(Double-track railway: Stainach-Irdning-Liezen 1 turnout )
Enns Valley Railway Track Gauge: 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+1/2 in)
Enns Valley Railway Minimum Radius: 233 m (764 ft)
Enns Valley Railway Electrification: 15 kV 16.7 Hz AC
Enns Valley Railway Operating Speed: 110 km/h (68 mph) max.
Enns Valley Railway Maximum Incline: 2.4 %

Enns Valley Railway Route Map Legend

Salzburg-Tyrol Railway from Wörgl Hbf

0,238 Bischofshofen

Salzburg-Tyrol Railway to Salzburg Central
Kreuzberg Tunnel 711.1 m (AA)

4,247 Pöham 610 m above sea level (AA)

Alpfahrt Tunnel (59,70 m)
Hüttau Tunnel (98,40 m)

10,079 Hüttau Terminal 722 m above sea level (AA)
12,237 Niedernfritz-Sankt Martin 758 m above sea level (AA)
17,085 Eben im Pongau 856 m above sea level (AA)

21,018 Altenmarkt im Pongau(passing loop) 843 m above sea level (AA)
24,070 Radstadt 832 m above sea level (AA)
28,717 Ennswald-Forstau( closed 02.06.1996)
32,275 Mandling 812 m above sea level (AA)

Salzburg/Styria state border

36,760 Pichl 769 m above sea level (AA)
41,565 Schladming 739 m above sea level (AA)
47,630 Oberhaus-Markt Haus( closed 02.06.1996)
51,722 Haus 698 m above sea level (AA)
53,342 Aich-Assach 693 m above sea level (AA)
57,807 Pruggern 690 m above sea level (AA)
59,879 Gröbming 676 m above sea level (AA)
63,351 Stein an der Enns 667 m above sea level (AA)
67,798 Öblarn 663 m above sea level (AA)
70,999 Niederöblarn 656 m above sea level (AA)
73,066 Sankt Martin am Grimming 649 m above sea level (AA)

Salzkammergut Railway to Attnang-Puchheim

80,372 Stainach-Irdning 645 m above sea level (AA)
83,707 turnout Liezen 1 642 m above sea level (AA)
83,829 Wörschach-Schwefelbad(former station) 644 m above sea level (AA)
90,000 Gypsum factory siding (passing loop)
90,392 siding (passing loop)
92,700 Liezen 642 m above sea level (AA)
94,572 siding

Schleife Selzthal (planned), Selzthal Süd turnout
Rudolfs Railway from St. Michael

98,912 Selzthal 639 m above sea level (AA)

Pyhrn Railway to Linz Central
Rudolfs Railway to Sankt Valentin

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