Vienna S-Bahn - B

Vienna S-Bahn - B

The Stammstrecke

The Stammstrecke, which translates to "Trunk line", of the Vienna S-Bahn has a length of 13.3 km (8.3 mi) with trains running at headways comparable to those of the Vienna U-Bahn. It is shown on maps (including U-Bahn maps) as a dusty pink line. From the south to the north, the following stations are served:
  • Wien Meidling
  • Wien Matzleinsdorfer Platz
  • Wien Hauptbahnhof (formerly Südtiroler Platz)
  • Wien Quartier Belvedere (formerly Wien Südbahnhof tracks 21/22)
  • Wien Rennweg
  • Wien Mitte (formerly Landstraße)
  • Wien Praterstern (formerly Wien Nord)
  • Wien Traisengasse
  • Wien Handelskai
  • Strandbäder (closed 2002)
  • Wien Floridsdorf
The Vorortelinie

The most highly frequented single line in Vienna is the S45 Vorortelinie, which translates to "Suburban line". The localities along this line all lie within the city proper, although they had been independent until the late nineteenth century, when they were incorporated, six years before this line opened. Originally part of Otto Wagner's federally operated Stadtbahn, this line was not taken over by the city with the rest of the network in 1925. The line was subsequently closed to passengers in 1932. Although still used for freight traffic for several decades afterwards, the line would not see passenger traffic again until 1987, when it was reopened as part of the S-Bahn after extensive renovation.

Many of the original Otto Wagner stations are still standing and still in use. However, two of the present stations, Breitensee and Oberdöbling were demolished after the original line's closure and rebuilt in a different style by architects Alois Machatschek and Wilfried Schermann. One new station, Krottenbachstraße, was added to the refurbished line, and two of the original line's stations, Baumgarten and Unterdöbling, which had also been demolished, were not replaced. Rebuilding Unterdöbling station is proposed for the near future, as is extending the line south to the Reichsbrücke. The line was extended from Heiligenstadt to Handelskai in 1996, to allow for an easy connection to line U6 of the Vienna U-Bahn.

The Vorortelinie runs at headways of 10 minutes (daytime on weekdays), and is shown on maps (including U-Bahn maps) as a light green line.

Vienna S-Bahn Rolling Stock

Vienna S-Bahn Current Rolling Stock
  • ÖBB Class 4020 (since 1979)
  • ÖBB commuter double deck cars (de) push-pull bilevel cars hauled by ÖBB
  • Class 1116 or ÖBB Class 1144 locomotives (since 1996)
  • ÖBB Class 4024 (since 2004)
  • ÖBB Class 4744/4746 "cityjet" (since 2015)
Vienna S-Bahn Former Rolling Stock
  • ÖBB Class 4030 (from 1962 until 2004)
  • ÖBB Class 5145 (de) (partly as multiple working with Class 4030)
  • DB Class 420 (1970 trial)
  • SBB-CFF-FFS Re 450 (1992 double-decker train trial)
Vienna S-Bahn Future plans

Plans for expansions of the S-Bahn network currently exist only to a small extent. Depending on the results of the negotiations between ÖBB and the states of Vienna and Lower Austria, a line S10 is to be created from Gänserndorf via Stadlau, Simmering and Wien Hauptbahnhof to Meidling.

Demands for the extension of the S7 to the Slovakian capital city Bratislava have been made since 1990; the realisation fails because the ÖBB has sold the right-of-way from the Wolfsthal terminus to the Slovakian border to private individuals.

The most important current construction project is the renewal of many S-Bahn stations. Recently, for example, the Westbahnhof and the Bahnhof Wien Mitte were completed. Vienna Airport railway station's renewal to accommodate long-distance trains was completed by 2014. The Wien Quartier Belvedere stop was refurbished by 2016.

Furthermore, in December 2014, in the course of the new construction of Wien Hauptbahnhof on the site of the former Südbahnhof, the construction of a connection between the Ostbahn and the airport rapid transit line was completed in order to create an optimal connection to Vienna Airport. The double-track connection was built in the vicinity of the Zentralverschiebebahnhof/Kledering/Zentralfriedhof and has been scheduled since 14 December 2014. According to plans of the ÖBB, the new connection could be run as line S75 from the airport to Vienna Central Station and then on the S-Bahn trunk line to Wien Meidling to Wien Hütteldorf with appropriate financing by the states of Vienna and Lower Austria.

An extension of the suburban line S45 from Handelskai to Donaumarina U2 station along the freight-only Donauuferbahn (de), with through-running on the current line S80 to form a S-Bahn Ring (de:S-Bahn-Ring Wien) linking the Laaer Ostbahn at Haidestraße and then connecting to the Stammstrecke at Wien Hauptbahnhof, has been under discussion since 1993. In 2018, the municipal council of Vienna announced its support for constructing the S-Bahn Ring, which is expected to enter service in 2025.

The Penzing-Meidling Verbindungsbahn, which was noticeably relieved by the Lainz Tunnel, is also to be upgraded between Hütteldorf and Meidling. In addition to a complete renovation and large-scale grade-separation works, the two stations Hietzinger Hauptstraße and Stranzenbergbrücke are to be rebuilt. As of 2020, preparatory work is expected to begin around 2023 and completion is expected in 2026.

Vienna S-Bahn Overview

Vienna S-Bahn Owner: ÖBB
Vienna S-Bahn Locale: Vienna, Austria
Vienna S-Bahn Transit Type: S-Bahn
Vienna S-Bahn Number of Lines: 10
Vienna S-Bahn Number of Stations: 181 (52 of them in Vienna)
Vienna S-Bahn Daily Ridership: 300,000
Vienna S-Bahn Headquarters: Vienna

Vienna S-Bahn Operation

Vienna S-Bahn Began Operation: 17 January 1962
Vienna S-Bahn Operator(s): ÖBB

Vienna S-Bahn Technical

Vienna S-Bahn System Length: 650 km (400 mi)
Vienna S-Bahn Track Gauge: 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+1/2 in)
Vienna S-Bahn Electrification: 15 kV 16.7 Hz AC Overhead lines

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