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TGV France <=> Spain High Speed Trains

TGV France Spain

Collaboration between RENFE & SNCF

Service is available all year round

The French SNCF and Spanish RENFE networks have joined forces to provide the best in high speed.

It’s now possible to enjoy a croissant for breakfast in Paris and a tapas lunch in Barcelona. Thanks to TGV France – Spain High Speed rail services, it’s now quicker than ever before to travel from Paris to Spain by train, with the journey now taking just over 6 hours.

With up to 4 return services a day, Paris and Barcelona have never been closer. France-Spain High Speed services offer spacious seats with head and foot rests in Standard Class, whilst opting for First Class gives extra legroom and a power socket at seat.

And it’s not just Paris to Barcelona; 21 French and Spanish cities are now connected by this high speed service including:

  • Lyon and Figueres
  • Toulouse and Girona
  • Marseille and Madrid


  • Paris gare de Lyon – Valence TGV – Nîmes – Montpellier St. Roch – Béziers – Sète – Agde – Narbonne – Perpignan – Figueras – Girona – Barcelona Sants.
  • Toulouse – Carcassonne – Perpignan – Figueras – Girona – Barcelona Sants.
  • Lyon Part Dieu – Valence TGV – Nîmes – Montpellier St. Roch - Narbonne – Perpignan – Figueras – Gérone – Barcelone Sants.
  • Marseille St. Charles – Aix-en-Provence TGV – Avignon TGV – Nîmes – Montpellier St. Roch – Béziers – Perpignan – Figueras – Gérone – Barcelone Sants – Camp de Tarragona – Zaragoza Delicias – Madrid Puerta de Atocha.


Both TGV Duplex Dasye / Euroduplex (SNCF) and S-100 (RENFE) trains operate on this network.

TGV Duplex Dasye and TGV Euroduplex

SNCF's TGV Duplex Dasye provides the service between Paris and Barcelona.

Each train consists of 8 carriages on 2 decks providing 510 seats:

  • 3 x 1st class carriages / Preferente (182 seats),
  • 4 x 2nd class carriages / Turista (328 seats),
  • Onboard bar buffet carriage
  • Electric sockets in 1st class / Preferente,
  • 2 spaces for passengers with reduced mobility.

TGV EuroDuplex

The Duplex Dasye trains will be progressively replaced in 2014 by the latest TGV Duplex generation: the TGV Euroduplex.

On board, TGV EuroDuplex provides the highest level of comfort with modern design, original shapes and colours, ergonomic and spacious seats, reclining and equipped with foot rests.

First class offers maximum comfort, with more spacious, reclining seats and quiet compartments.

  • Several types of seating is available in First class:
  • Separate solo: separate window seat
  • Duo facing: 2 facing seats
  • Duo side by side: 2 side by side seats
  • Club Quatre: 4 facing seats
  • 2 seats for people with reduced mobility

Simple, convivial and always comfortable, Second class is suitable for all types of passengers, including families.

Several types of seating is available in are proposed in Second class:

  • Espace Carré: 4 facing seats with folding table (for 3 or 4 passengers).
  • Espace Famille: 4 facing seats with height-controllable seat and folding table (for 3 or 4 passengers). Nursery nearby
  • Duo side by side: 2 side by side seats

Passengers, whether in 1st or 2nd class, can choose from window or aisle seats. As the TGV EuroDuplex has an upper floor, the passenger can also choose from being seated "upstairs" or "downstairs".

A strong focus has been placed on the information systems for passengers:

  • Exterior screens placed near each access door make reading the number of the carriages, the train and the destination easier.
  • In the carriages, screens show the different stations and destination in several languages, as well as the information on the journey, such as the time, the geolocalisation and the instant speed of the train.
  • The seats are equipped with digital booking displays that show on which parts of the route the seats are occupied.

TGV EuroDuplex is equipped with electric sockets in both classes.


High speed S-100 trains operated by RENFE provide the services between Toulouse and Barcelona, Lyon and Barcelona, and between Marseille, Barcelona and Madrid.

Each train consists of 8 carriages providing a total of 347 seats:

  • 2 x 1st class / Preferente carriages (72 places) including the space « Salon Club » isolated at the end of carriage 1, with 8 facing seats and PC connectivity on the screens,
  • 5 x 2nd class carriages / Turista (265 seats),
  • In the bar car, Electric socket at each seat in 1st class / Preferente and 2nd class / Turista,
  • 2 places for people with reduced mobility in 2nd class / Turista carriage.

The interior of the S-100 provides exceptional comfort: wooden parquet, softly lit ambience, 1st class seats in leather and screens for film projection and audio channels throughout the train.


  • All the usual station services proposed to RENFE and SNCF customers,
  • Access to VIP lounges of RENFE in Girona, Barcelona and Madrid stations (1st class / Preferente),
  • Quality restaurant in the bar car,
  • Mixed French-Spanish board staff,
  • Audio announcements and visual information in several languages,
  • RENFE and SNCF assistance in case of disturbances,
  • Specific after sale terms for the international offer,
  • Assistance to passengers with reduced mobility on all the services (Atendo for RENFE and Accès Plus for SNCF).


This fare range will be simple and based on the choice of flexibility. It applies in the same way to the two proposed comfort classes: 1st class / Preferente and 2nd class / Turista.

The Flexi fare, exchangeable and refundable without fee up to 48 hours prior to the train's departure. From 48h and up to the train's departure time, 10% fee. Non-exchangeable and non-refundable after departure.

The Essential fare, exchangeable and refundable with 25% fee up to 7 hours prior to the train's departure time. From 7 days prior to the departure and up to the train's departure time, 50% fee. Non-exchangeable and non-refundable after departure.

The Promo fare will be available in limited quantities on specific routes.

Other specific fares are also available: group travel, international Pass holders …


Popular Journey
Average journey time
Return price from
Paris – Barcelona
6 hrs, 15 mins
Lyon – Barcelona 4 hrs, 53 mins £76
Montpellier – Barcelona 2 hrs, 50 mins £60
Marseille – Madrid
7 hrs, 43 mins
Girona – Paris
5 hrs, 39 mins

Journey times are approximate and may vary. Please check all train times when you book. Prices are per person based on the cheapest available return adult standard class fare.

Train Name: France Spain High Speed

Description: High-speed day trains linking France to Spain

Train Code: TGF - TGV Duplex (Paris-Barcelona)

TGM - AVE S-100 (all other routes)

Reservation: Compulsory.

Booking Horizon: 3 months.


N° 9711
N° 9715
N° 9702
N° 9249
Figueres Vilafant
Please refer to booking system for exact timings and for other routes.
Times of trains can change at any time, (usually this is seasonal)


Rolling stock: Two types of rolling stock are in operation: TGV Duplex Dasye and AVE S-100 trains.

TGV Duplex Dasye:

  • Travels at speeds of up to 320km/h. Operates between Paris and Barcelona.
  • Each trains has 8 double-decker carriages, of which 3 are First class (182 seats), 4 are Standard class (328 seats) and 1 is the bar buffet carriage.
  • From 2014, brand new EuroDuplex trains will start operating.

AVE S-100:

  • Travels at speeds of up to 300km/h.
  • Operates between Barcelona - Toulouse, Barcelona - Lyon and Madrid / Barcelona - Marseille.
  • Each train has 8 single deck carriages, of which 2 are Preferente (First) class (72 seats), 5 are Turista (Standard) class (265 seats) and 1 is the bar buffet carriage.
  • S-100 trains have power sockets at every seat in Preferente and Turista class.
  • There are also audio outlets at every seat so passengers can watch films on TV screens in each carriage.

Accommodation: First and Standard class seats.

First class:

  • Seating types available: Solo seats or spaces for 2-4 passengers.
  • Comfortable seats with headrest and footrest.
  • Power sockets at every seat.
  • Access to VIP lounges at Girona, Barcelona Sants and Madrid Atocha stations.

Standard class:

  • Seating types available: Spaces for 4 passengers or side by side.
  • Comfortable seats with headrest and footrest.
  • 1 power socket per 2 seats.

Catering: Bar buffet offering hot & cold meals, beverages and snacks.

Disabled Facilities: Wheelchair spaces are situated in First class in carriage 1 on the TGV Duplex and in carriage 8 in Turista (Standard class) on the AVE S-100.

There are 2 disabled spaces and Companion seats per train in both the TGV and S-100 trains.

Disabled toilet located next to Wheelchair space. Manual and electric wheelchairs are accepted on board provided their dimensions do not exceed 125x75cm.

Total of 3 disabled spaces and 3 Companion seats.

Disabled toilet located next to Wheelchair space.

Manual and electric wheelchairs are accepted on board provided their dimensions do not exceed 125x75cm.

Smoking: Trains are entirely non-smoking.

Luggage: 2 bags/suitcases per passenger plus 1 piece of hand luggage. Skis, snowboards and pushchairs can be carried on board.

Bicycles: Bicycles may be carried free of charge in a bike bag whose dimensions do not exceed 120x90cm.

This counts as one piece of luggage.

Domestic Animals: Domestic animals under 10kg are permitted onboard provided other passengers do not object.

Small domestic animals must be carried in a pet carrier (with dimensions no greater than 45x30x25cm and no heavier than 10kg).

Guide dogs travel for free and do not require a ticket.

Maximum of 2 pet carriers per passenger.

Family space and nursery: There are 4 Family Spaces and a nursery in Standard class.

The family seating area consists of 4 seats around a foldable table.

The nursery area is located within close proximity of the Family spaces, in carriage 7.

Toilets and baby changing facilities: Baby changing facilities (changing table, bottle warmer, washbasin) are at the end of coach 7.

Toilets are located at the end of each carriage.

All trains have both ladies and gentlemen's toilets.

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