Interrail Global Pass

Interrail Global Pass - Interrail Global Passes - Global Interrail Passes

Types of Interrail Global Passes:

European Interrail Global Pass. These passes are for rail travellers who wish to travel for 5 days travel within 10 days, 10 days travel within 22 days, 15 days continuous, 22 days continuous and 1 month continuous.


2024 Interrail Map of Europe:

Please find 2024 Interrail Map of Europe as large .pdf
Print or save the Interrail Route Map of Europe 2024 at your pleasure:

*2024 Interrail Map of all Interrail Routes in Europe (VERY LARGE) pdf*

2024 Interrail Map of Europe - Click on Image for 2024 Interrail Map of Europe

*Older 2023 Interrail Map of all Interrail Routes in Europe (VERY LARGE) pdf*



Types of Interrail Global Passes:


Interrail Pass Name:

Interrail Global Pass

Interrail Global Pass Class of Service: 

These are for both 1st and 2nd Class being Standard class travel

Interrail Global Pass Flexi Formula:

Yes - Flexi and Consecutive passes

Interrail Global Pass Validity Period:

5 days to 1 month, depending on pass type

Interrail Global Pass Participating Countries (see links as 1 country Interrail Pass):

Austria, Belgium, Benelux 3 Country, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), Greece, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro,   The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, RomaniaScandinavia PassSerbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey and ferries between Italy and Greece (Attica ferries and Minoan Lines ferries). BRITRail Pass - United Kingdom

Interrail Global Pass Conditions of Purchase:

Customer must have been resident, for the past 6 months, in one of the Interrail Global Pass participating countries. Residents of Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Cyprus, Estonia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Russia, San Marino, Ukraine and Vatican City are also permitted to purchase Interrail passes and are permitted to travel in all of the participating countries.

Interrail Global Pass Advance Purchase:

Up to 3 months before the first day of validity. This gives a 3 month booking horizon

Interrail Global Pass Refunds:

Yes, if the pass is returned to the issuing office before the first day of validity. 15% cancellation fee applies to refunds and exchanges. Refund requests after first day of validity can only be granted if the pass has been endorsed 'NOT USED' before or on the first day of validity and if the request is returned to the issuing office within 1 month after the last day of validity of the pass. Exchanges must be processed as a refund plus a new sale.

Interrail Global Pass Loss / Theft:

Pass cannot be re-issued. Travel insurance highly recommended !

Interrail Global Pass Travel Restrictions:

  • Pass holder cannot use their pass to travel in their own country of residence.
  • Pass holder fares are payable on some trains (this will include the cost of the reservation). E.g. Eurostar, Thalys, TGV Lyria, AVE…Such fares can be booked through Voyages-SNCF or locally. Please refer to individual fare sheets for details.
  • Holder must pay the reservation and/or supplements on trains where reservations are compulsory. E.g.: TGV, overnight trains in France, some ICE in Germany, X2000 in Sweden…Many of these supplements can be booked through www.Interrail (France mainly) or locally. Supplements are payable on ALL trains with in Spain and Italy.

Interrail Global Pass Discounts Available to Pass Holders:

  • No discount available for rail travel from place of residence to point of departure.
  • Discounts on entry to some museums (e.g. transport museums and wax work museums)
  • Discounts on other transport companies (e.g. ferry companies, private Swiss transport companies.
  • Discounts on Youth Hostels (See Interrail Special Annexe for more details on all of these discounts)
  • For a comprehensive list of pass benefits please refer to the "Interrail Traveller's Guide 2014".

For holders of an Interrail Flexi pass the use of a free travel benefit can only occur on a day when the date has been filled in to the travel calendar. The use of a reduction does not require the use of a travel day of a Flexi pass.

Interrail Global Pass Upgrade:

Upgrade is usually possible by paying the difference between a First and Standard class full fare. (See fare sheets for details)

Interrail Global Pass Conditions of Use:

Before the start of every journey, Flexi pass holders must enter the date of each travel day to be undertaken in the Pass Cover Travel Report provided before boarding the first train/ship of that day. Pass holders can travel from midnight until midnight on the chosen day of travel. Travel can never begin before 00:00 hours on the first day of the overall validity of the pass and must be completed by midnight on the last day of validity.

Interrail Global Pass 7pm Rule for Overnight Trains:

Pass holders travelling on an overnight train/boat that departs after 19:00 hours and arrives at its final destination after 04:00 can input the following day's date on their Flexi pass (even if you leave the train before 4am). For example, if you take a direct overnight train from Budapest to Munich departing on 2nd August at 21:05, you only have to write 3rd August in the travel calendar on your pass. However, in the event that the overnight train/boat departs before 19:00, the departure date and the arrival date must be entered on the pass. Please note that regardless of the 7pm rule, travel can only take place within the overall validity of the pass.

Interrail Global Pass Prices:

Prices are subject to change at any time. Please refer to the booking system for current prices

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