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Veolia Transport - D

Veolia Transport Asia

East Asia (excluding Philippines)

Veolia Transport's more recent operations in East Asia were operated as a joint venture with RATP Group, known as Veolia Transport RATP Asia (VTRA). It was created in July 2009 and absorbed all existing Veolia Transport operating companies and contracts. Veolia Transport's share has since been passed on to Veolia Transdev, with the joint venture renamed RATP Dev Transdev Asia (RDTA).

Veolia Transport China

Veolia Transport Chinese Limited (VTCL) started a joint venture with Nanjing Zhongbei to operate bus networks in China in 2008.

Veolia Transport China Operates In:

  • Anqing: Anhui province.
  • Huaibei: Bus network operated as a joint venture into a city of 2 040 000 inhabitants (932 185 hab. urban in 2006) in Anhui province.
  • Huainan: Bus network operated as a joint venture into a city of 1 076 000 inhabitants (1 075 754 hab. urban in 2006) in Anhui province.
  • Ma'anshan: Anhui province.
  • Nanjing: Suburbs of Luhe and Pukou.

It was passed to VTRA upon the latter's creation in 2009.

Veolia Transport Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong Island: Veolia Transport Chinese Limited also acquired 50% of Hong Kong Tramways and took over the daily operations from The Wharf on April 7, 2009, wholly owned on February 17, 2010. The tramways is now a fully owned subsidiary of RATP Dev Transdev Asia.

Veolia Transport India

  • Mumbai: Veolia Transport is part of a consortium which is led by Reliance Infrastructure, together with Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), a joint venture known as Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd. The share by Veolia would later be passed on to VTRA (now RATP Dev Transdev Asia). They would build the first corridor of the Mumbai Metro on the 11.4 km stretch between Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar on the east–west corridor. The project started construction in 2008 and was completed and opened in 2014. RATP Dev Transdev Asia also holds 70% share of the operating company, Metro One Operation Pvt Ltd.

Veolia Transport Macau

  • Macau: Veolia Transport RATP Dev created Reolian Public Transport Co. to operate buses in Macau. Services began August 1, 2011 and is operating two of five groupings of routes, also to be the more important arterial routes of the city. The joint venture announced filing for bankruptcy on 1 October 2013. The operation was finally terminated in July 2014 and passed on to another operator.

Veolia Transport South Korea

  • Seoul: Metro 9 was a joint venture of Veolia Transport Korea (80%) and Hyundai Rotem (20%). Metro 9 operates Line 9 of Seoul's Metro. The line opened in 2009. RATP Dev Transdev Asia now holds the share held by Veolia Transport Korea.

Veolia Transport Philippines

  • Connex operated the Bonifacio Transport Corporation in the Philippines in the early 2000s. It is unknown when exactly did Connex stop operating the bus services.

Veolia Transport Overview

Veolia Transport Type: Transport Division
Veolia Transport Industry: Transportation Services
Veolia Transport Predecessor: Compagnie Générale des Eaux
Veolia Transport Founded: 1876 (1997)
Veolia Transport Defunct: 2011
Veolia Transport Fate: Merged with original Transdev
Veolia Transport Headquarters: Paris, France
Veolia Transport Key People: Henri Proglio (Chairman and CEO)
Veolia Transport Products: Transportation as Veolia Transportation
Veolia Transport Revenue: €6.1 billion EUR (2009)
Veolia Transport Number of Employees: 83,654 (2009)
Veolia Transport Parent: Veolia


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