Gotthard Panorama Express

Gotthard Panorama Express

Gotthard Panorama Express on the Gotthard Panoramic Route

The most delightful train track across the Alps

The Gotthard panoramic route is the most delightful way to experience a steep piece of the Alps.

In 1882, it was first connected to the Swiss public transport network: the marvellous Gotthard panoramic route. It instantly became a first-rate tourist attraction. Up to today, this route never fails to fascinate with its breathtaking panoramic views from the train. Negotiating 205 bridges and seven loop tunnels, the unique journey represents a singular mixture of nature and technology.

From one moment to the next, scenes are changing: from gnarled firs and spruces in the Alpine region to lovely palm trees and stone houses in southern Switzerland. It is a mystical journey through the heartland of the country, shrouded in the mist of myths and legends.

Experience history. The journey with the Gotthard Panorama Express runs from Lucerne to Flüelen by boat and then on by train in the 1st class panorama coach or in the 2nd class coach via the historical Gotthard panorama route to Ticino.

In Lucerne you board a steamboat and glide across Lake Lucerne, past mystical coves and picturesque countryside, while enjoying culinary delicacies. You travel past countless places from early Switzerland that are steeped in history. Above all, Rütli Meadow, which saw the founding of Switzerland in 1291, as well as the Schiller Stone and the Tell Chapel.

In Flüelen the panorama train is ready to depart and takes you on the historical Gotthard route. You have three views of the church of Wassen here, which has become world-famous due to the bold railway facilities with its many loop tunnels. The journey continues southwards between Göschenen and Airolo through the Gotthard Tunnel, which was opened in 1882. You can also look forward to seeing the varied Mediterranean Ticino countryside here. Welcome to the region of palm trees.

Gotthard Panorama Express Facts
  • Opening of Gotthard panoramic route: 1882
  • Geographic location: Linking Lucerne/Zurich/Basle north of the Alps to Bellinzona / Lugano / Locarno in the south
  • Gotthard train tunnel: north portal at Göschenen, south portal at Airolo
  • Length of Gotthard tunnel: 15 kilometres (in 1882 the world's longest railway tunnel)
  • Amount of loop tunnels: 7
  • Altitude difference negotiated: 600 metres
Gotthard Panorama Express Highlights
  • The highest SBB bridges: Chärstelenbachbrücke (127 metres) and Intschireussbrücke (121 metres) between Amsteg-Silenen and Gurtnellen north of the Alps
  • Loop tunnels near Wassen: To negotiate the necessary altitude, the train winds its way up or down around Wassen through two loop tunnels. As a result, the village church comes into view three times in a row, each time from a different perspective
  • Gotthard tunnel: opened in 1882, connecting Göschenen (north portal) and Airolo (south portal), at 15 kilometres the world's longest railway tunnel at the time
  • Loop tunnels in Biaschina:(between Lavorgo and Giornico on the southern section of the Gotthard panoramic route): two loop tunnels overlooking the river Ticino ravine and the impressive motorway viaduct
  • Gotthard Panorama Express The Gotthard panoramic route can be combined with a leisurely boat ride to Lucerne over Lake Lucerne on a historic steamboat
Gotthard Panorama Express Connections
  • Since 11 December 2016: Regional trains operate at hourly intervals on the Gotthard panoramic route between Erstfeld and Bellinzona, continuing to Lugano every two hours, some trains even continuing to Milano
  • Connections: From Erstfeld there will be connections to the hourly InterRegio trains to Zurich/Basel; and in Bellinzona connections to the EC to Milan and the IC to Lugano
  • Direct connections: On weekends year-round, direct InterRegio trains will connect to the Gotthard panoramic route (or the Gotthard region)
  • Gotthard Panorama Express: The unique combination of boat and train can be enjoyed on weekends from 14 April 2016 to 22 October 2016 and additionally on weekdays from 03 July 2016 to 20 October 2016
Gotthard Panorama Express Attractions
  • The Gotthard Panorama Express is one of Switzerland's premium panorama trains, along with the Glacier Express, Bernina Express and GoldenPass Line.
  • Journey by steamboat across Lake Lucerne from Lucerne to Flüelen
  • Direct connection on the same level at the station square in Flüelen
  • Journey by panorama train from Flüelen via the Gotthard panorama route to Bellinzona/Lugano
  • Special presentations of attractions and history and the Gotthard myth en route
Gotthard Panorama Express Information and Tips
  • Seats available in 1st class (panorama coach) as well as 2nd class (standard coach)
  • You can also travel in the reverse direction
  • Catering: in the boat restaurant you can also eat as you wish. On board you can purchase fine dishes or simple snacks and drinks.
  • Catering on the panorama train: you can purchase snacks and drinks served at your seat.
  • On the steamboat and on the panorama train you can buy various souvenirs.
  • You can also reserve your seats for partial routes and therefore combine your journey via Andermatt, for example, on the Glacier Express.
  • Reservations are obligatory on the Gotthard Panorama Express. Your seats are allocated to you on the train.

Wilhelm Tell Express

Wilhelm Tell Express - Gotthard Panorama Express
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