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Via Rail Connections

The Maple Leaf, operating between New York City and Toronto via Albany, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls, is jointly managed by Via and Amtrak. The train operates using Amtrak equipment, but on the Canadian side of the border is staffed by Via employees and operated as a typical Via train.

Two other train routes link Canada and the US: the Adirondack (Montreal-New York) and the Amtrak Cascades (Vancouver-Seattle-Portland). While both of these routes share stations with Via at their Canadian termini, they are fully operated by Amtrak and single-ticket connections to Via trains are not offered.
In addition to Amtrak, Via passengers can book connecting tickets on the following services:
Via also has connection agreements with several local and intercity bus operators, car-sharing services, and airlines. Passengers who are flying with these airlines can combine their air and rail trips under the same record locator:
Rolling Stock
Via owns 73 locomotives and 501 passenger cars. Examples include the GMD F40PH-2 diesel locomotive and the famed "Park"-class sleeper-dome-lounge cars found on the rear of the Canadian, Jasper–Prince Rupert train and the Ocean between Montreal QC and Halifax NS.
Carbon emissions
In 2010, Via's carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent emissions per passenger kilometre were 0.117 kg. For comparison, this is similar to Amtrak or a car with two people, about twice as high as the UK rail average, about four times the average US motorcoach, and about eight times a Finnish electric intercity train or fully loaded fifty-seat coach.
Accidents and Incidents
  • The most serious Via accident to date occurred on 8 February 1986, when a Via train collided with a CN freight train near Hinton, Alberta, killing 23 people and injuring 71.
  • On 20 November 1994, at approximately 18:20, Via train No. 66 travelling eastward at approximately 96 mph, struck a piece of rail intentionally placed on the track at Mile 242.07 of the CN North America Kingston Subdivision, in Brighton, Ontario. A fire erupted and the trailing portion of the locomotive and the first two passenger cars behind the locomotive became engulfed in flames. Forty-six of the 385 passengers were injured, most while exiting the train in life-threatening conditions. 2 local residents were charged and convicted after an investigation by the local police.
  • On 3 September 1997, the Canadian (train No. 2) from Vancouver to Toronto, travelling eastward at 67 mph, derailed at Mile 7.5 of the CN Wainwright Subdivision, near Biggar, Saskatchewan. Thirteen of nineteen cars and the two locomotives derailed. Seventy-nine of the 198 passengers and crew on board were injured, 1 fatally and 13 seriously. Approximately 600 feet of main track was destroyed. The cause was determined to be an axle bearing failure which was detected but erroneously ignored. Via was heavily criticized for a lack of attention to safety.
  • On 23 April 1999, Via train No. 74 travelling eastward at Mile 46.7 on the CN Chatham Subdivision in Thamesville, Ontario derailed after a switch was left open by a CN worker causing the train to jump the tracks and collide with stationary hoppers on the adjacent track, derailing the locomotive and its four-passenger cars. The two engineers were killed and 77 of the 186 passengers injured, four seriously. Approximately 50 m of the main track and 100 m of the yard track were destroyed.
  • On 12 April 2001, the Ocean bound for Montreal derailed in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, at a manually operated main track switch. A standard CN switch lock used to secure the switch in correct position had been tampered with. The two locomotives and the first two cars continued on the main track, but the following cars took a diverging route onto an industrial track adjacent to the main track. Nine of the cars derailed and a farm supply building, as well as the industrial track were destroyed. Four occupants of the building escaped without injury prior to impact. There were 132 persons on board the train. 22 persons were transported to hospital in either Truro or Halifax. Nine were seriously injured. A 15-year-old boy pleaded guilty to the charge of mischief endangering life relating to the lock tampering.
  • On 26 February 2012, Via Train No. 92 en route to Toronto, derailed in Burlington, Ontario, killing all three railroad engineers and injuring 46 (three seriously). The cause of the derailment is attributed to the excessive speed of the train travelling through a switch from track 2 to track 3.
  • 2013 Via Rail Canada terrorism plot: In April 2013, two men inspired by al-Qaeda were charged with plotting to derail a Via train in the Greater Toronto Area. In 2015, both men were convicted of terrorism-related offenses and sentenced to life imprisonment. One of the two men was mentally unstable and misdiagnosed with schizophrenia.
  • On 18 September 2013, a collision occurred between train No. 51 and a double-decker OC Transpo bus that failed to stop at a level crossing in Ottawa, Ontario. Six people were killed and 31 injured (11 critically), all of whom were on the bus. The impact resulted in the train derailing approximately 100–200 feet (30–61 m) down the track.
  • On 5 July 2018, a train with 16 passengers and five crew members derailed north of Hudson Bay, SK while travelling from Winnipeg to Churchill. Passengers and crew sustained only minor injuries, but it took several hours for emergency crews to arrive due to the remote location of the incident. Paramedics and firefighters had to wait near the tracks for CN rail trucks to arrive that could transport them to the crash site.
  • On 31 December 2019, a train with five crew and seven passengers derailed and tipped on its side near Katrime, Manitoba; the incident is still under investigation, and no one was seriously injured
Via Rail Canada Inc. Overview
Type:           Crown corporation
Industry: Rail transport
Founded January:        12, 1977; 44 years ago
Headquarters:      Place Ville Marie, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Area served:         Canada
Key people:          Cynthia Garneau (President and CEO)
                                Françoise Bertrand (Chairperson)
Revenue Increase:       CA$392.6 million (2018)
Operating income: Decrease CA$−272.6 million (2018)
Total assets:                  Decrease CA$1,467 million (2018)
Number of employees: 3,234 (2020)
Stations called at:        378
Reporting mark:           VIA
Dates of operation:     1977–present
Predecessor:          Passenger services operated by the Canadian National Railway
and the Canadian Pacific Railway, as well as other smaller companies
Technical Track gauge:  4 ft 8+1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Length:                 12,500 kilometres (7,800 mi)
List of Via Rail stations
Stations            Province                 Services
  • Abbotsford         British Columbia    Canadian
  • Agassiz                British Columbia
  • Aldershot           Ontario               Corridor
  • Alexandria         Ontario               Corridor
  • Aleza Lake          British Columbia
  • Allanwater          Bridge    Ontario            Canadian
  • Amery                 Manitoba
  • Amherst              Nova Scotia    Ocean
  • Amqui                 Quebec            Ocean, Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Anjou                  Quebec            Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Armstrong          Ontario            Canadian
  • Arnot                   Manitoba
  • Ashcroft              British Columbia    Canadian
  • Atikameg Lake   Manitoba
  • Auden                 Ontario            Canadian
  • Back                     Manitoba
  • Barachois            Quebec            Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Bathurst              New Brunswick         Ocean
  • Belcher                Manitoba
  • Belleville              Ontario               Corridor
  • Bend                    British Columbia
  • Biggar                  Saskatchewan          Canadian
  • Bird                      Manitoba
  • Blue River           British Columbia      Canadian
  • Bonaventure(closed 2013) Quebec            Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Boston Bar         British Columbia      Canadian
  • Boyd                    Manitoba
  • Brampton           Ontario               Corridor
  • Brantford            Ontario               Corridor
  • Brereton Lake    Manitoba              Canadian
  • Bridgar Manitoba
  • Brockville            Ontario               Corridor
  • Buckley Bay        British               Columbia
  • Budd                    Manitoba
  • Burns Lake          British               Columbia
  • Button                  Manitoba
  • Bylot                     Manitoba
  • Campbellton       New Brunswick         Ocean
  • Canora                 Saskatchewan
  • Canyon                Ontario               Canadian
  • Caplan                  Quebec            Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Capreol                Ontario            Canadian
  • Caramat               Ontario            Canadian
  • Carleton               Quebec            Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Casselman           Ontario            Corridor
  • Cassidy                 British Columbia
  • Causapscal          Quebec            Ocean, Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Cedarvale            British Columbia
  • Central Station(Montreal)  Quebec    Corridor, Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Chambord            Quebec
  • Chandler               Quebec                Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Charlebois            Manitoba
  • Charlo                   New Brunswick         Ocean
  • Charny                  Quebec                Ocean, Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Chatham              Ontario               Corridor
  • Chemainus          British Columbia
  • Chesnaye             Manitoba
  • Chilliwack             British Columbia      Canadian
  • Churchill               Manitoba
  • Clearwater           British Columbia      Canadian
  • Cliffside                British Columbia
  • Clova                     Quebec                Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Cobble Hill           British Columbia
  • Cobourg               Ontario               Corridor
  • Collins                   Ontario               Canadian
  • Copelands Landing    Ontario
  • Cormorant           Manitoba
  • Cornwall               Ontario               Corridor
  • Coteau                  Quebec                Corridor
  • Courtenay            British Columbia
  • Cowichan             British Columbia
  • Cromarty              Manitoba
  • Dauphin               Manitoba
  • Deep Bay              British Columbia
  • Dering                  Manitoba
  • Digges                  Manitoba
  • Dome Creek         British Columbia
  • Dorreen                British Columbia
  • Dorval (VIA)          Quebec                Corridor
  • Drummondville   Quebec                Ocean, Corridor
  • Duncan                 British Columbia
  • Dunlop                  Manitoba
  • Dunsmuir             British Columbia
  • Dunster                British Columbia
  • Dyce                      Manitoba
  • Earchman             Manitoba
  • Edmonton            Alberta
  • Edson                    Alberta               Canadian
  • Elma                      Manitoba              Canadian
  • Elsas                      Ontario               Canadian
  • Endako                  British Columbia
  • Endeavour            Saskatchewan
  • Esquimalt              British Columbia
  • Evansburg             Alberta               Canadian
  • Fallowfield            Ontario               Corridor
  • Farlane                  Ontario               Canadian
  • Felix                       Ontario               Canadian
  • Ferland                  Ontario               Canadian
  • Finger                    Manitoba
  • Fitzpatrick             Quebec                Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Flindt Landing      Ontario               Canadian
  • Foleyet                  Ontario               Canadian
  • Fort Fraser            British Columbia
  • Gananoque          Ontario               Corridor
  • Gare du Palais     Quebec                Corridor
  • Gaspé                   Quebec                Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Georgetown        Ontario               Corridor
  • Gilbert Plains      Manitoba
  • Gillam                   Manitoba
  • Gladstone            Manitoba
  • Glencoe                Ontario               Corridor
  • Glenella                Manitoba
  • Goat River            British Columbia
  • Gogama                Ontario               Canadian
  • Grande-Rivière    Quebec                Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Grand-Mère         Quebec                Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Grandview           Manitoba
  • Grimsby                Ontario
  • Guelph                  Ontario               Corridor
  • Guildwood           Ontario               Corridor
  • Halcrow                Manitoba
  • Halifax                  Nova Scotia           Ocean
  • Harvey                  British Columbia
  • Hayward               British Columbia
  • Hébertville           Quebec
  • Herchmer             Manitoba
  • Hervey-Jonction     Quebec                Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Hillbank                 British Columbia
  • Hillsport                Ontario               Canadian
  • Hinton                   Alberta               Canadian
  • Hockin                   Manitoba
  • Hope                      British Columbia      Canadian
  • Hornepayne         Ontario               Canadian
  • Houston                British Columbia
  • Hudson Bay          Saskatchewan
  • Hutton                   British Columbia
  • Ilford Manitoba
  • Ingersoll                Ontario               Corridor
  • Jacquet River        New Brunswick         Ocean
  • Jasper                    Alberta               Canadian
  • Joliette                   Quebec                Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Jonquière              Quebec
  • Kamloops North       British Columbia      Canadian
  • Kamsack                Saskatchewan
  • Katz                        British Columbia
  • Kellett                     Manitoba
  • Kettle Rapids         Manitoba
  • Kingston                 Ontario               Corridor
  • Kitchener                Ontario               Corridor
  • Kitwanga                British Columbia
  • Kwinitsa                  British Columbia
  • La Perouse             Manitoba
  • La Pocatière           Quebec                Ocean, Montreal–Gaspé train
  • La Tuque                 Quebec                Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Lac-Bouchette       Quebec
  • Lac-Édouard           Quebec
  • Ladysmith               British Columbia
  • Laforest                   Ontario               Canadian
  • Lamprey                  Manitoba
  • Langford                  British Columbia
  • Laurier                     Manitoba
  • Lawledge                 Manitoba
  • Le Gardeur              Quebec                Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Leven                       Manitoba
  • London                    Ontario               Corridor
  • Longlac                    Ontario               Canadian
  • Longworth              British Columbia
  • Loos                         British Columbia
  • Luke                         Manitoba
  • Lyddal                      Manitoba
  • Malachi                    Ontario               Canadian
  • Malahat                   British Columbia
  • Matapédia              Quebec                Ocean, Montreal–Gaspé train
  • McBride                  British Columbia
  • McCreary                Manitoba
  • McGregor               British Columbia
  • McKee's Camp       Ontario               Canadian
  • M'Clintock              Manitoba
  • Melville                   Saskatchewan          Canadian
  • Mikado                   Saskatchewan
  • Minaki                    Ontario               Canadian
  • Miramichi               New Brunswick         Ocean
  • Mission Harbour      British Columbia
  • Moncton                New Brunswick         Ocean
  • Mont-Joli                Quebec                Ocean, Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Montmagny          Quebec                Ocean, Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Mud River              Ontario               Canadian
  • Munk                      Manitoba
  • Nakina                   Ontario               Canadian
  • Nanaimo                British Columbia
  • Nanoose Bay         British Columbia
  • Napanee                Ontario               Corridor
  • New Carlisle          Quebec                Montreal–Gaspé train
  • New Hazelton        British Columbia
  • New Richmond      Quebec                Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Niagara Falls         Ontario               Corridor
  • Nonsuch                Manitoba
  • North Bend           British Columbia
  • Nouvelle                Quebec                Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Oakville                  Ontario               Corridor
  • Oba                        Ontario               Canadian
  • Ochre River           Manitoba
  • O'Day                     Manitoba
  • Odhill                     Manitoba
  • Ophir                     Manitoba              Canadian
  • Orok                       Manitoba
  • Oshawa                 Ontario               Corridor
  • Ottawa Train Station Ontario               Corridor
  • Ottermere             Ontario               Canadian
  • Pacific                    British Columbia
  • Pacific Central (Vancouver)   British Columbia    Canadian
  • Palmer                  British Columbia
  • Parent                   Quebec                Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Parksville              British Columbia
  • Parry Sound         Ontario               Canadian
  • Paterson               Manitoba
  • Penny                    British Columbia
  • Percé                     Quebec                Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Petit Rocher         New Brunswick         Ocean
  • Pikwitonei             Manitoba
  • Pipun                     Manitoba
  • Pit Siding               Manitoba
  • Plumas                  Manitoba
  • Pointe-aux-Trembles  Quebec                Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Ponton                  Manitoba
  • Port Hope             Ontario               Corridor
  • Portage la Prairie   Manitoba              Canadian
  • Port-Daniel            Quebec                Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Prince George       British Columbia
  • Prince Rupert        British Columbia
  • Qualicum Beach   British Columbia
  • Rawebb                  Manitoba
  • Red Lake Road      Ontario               Canadian
  • Redditt                   Ontario               Canadian
  • Reserve                  Saskatchewan
  • Rice Lake               Ontario
  • Richan                    Ontario               Canadian
  • Rimouski                Quebec                Ocean, Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Rivers                     Manitoba
  • Rivière-à-Pierre     Quebec
  • Rivière-du-Loup    Quebec                Ocean, Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Roblin                     Manitoba
  • Rogersville             New Brunswick         Ocean
  • Ruel                        Ontario               Canadian
  • Sackville                 New Brunswick         Ocean
  • Sainte-Foy             Quebec
  • Saint-Hyacinthe    Quebec                Ocean, Corridor
  • Saint-Lambert       Quebec                Ocean, Montreal–Gaspé train, Corridor
  • Saint-Tite               Quebec                Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Sarnia                    Ontario               Corridor
  • Saskatoon             Saskatchewan          Canadian
  • Sauvé                     Quebec                Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Savant Lake          Ontario               Canadian
  • Sayabec                 Quebec                Ocean, Montreal–Gaspé train
  • Senneterre            Quebec                Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Shawinigan           Quebec                Montreal–Senneterre train
  • Shawnigan            British Columbia
  • Silcox                     Manitoba
  • Sinclair Mills         British Columbia
  • Sioux Lookout      Ontario               Canadian
  • Sipiwesk                Manitoba
  • Smithers                British Columbia
  • Smiths Falls           Ontario               Corridor
  • South Wellington     British Columbia
  • Springhill Junction  Nova Scotia           Ocean
  • St. Catharines       Ontario               Corridor
  • St. Marys               Ontario               Corridor
  • Starks                     British Columbia
  • Stratford               Ontario               Corridor
  • Strathcona Lodge     British Columbia
  • Strathroy              Ontario               Corridor
  • Sturgis                  Saskatchewan
  • Sudbury               Ontario               Sudbury-White River
  • Sudbury Junction     Ontario               Canadian
  • Telkwa                  British Columbia
  • Terrace                 British Columbia
  • The Pas                Manitoba
  • Thibaudeau Railway Station Manitoba
  • Thicket Portage      Manitoba
  • Thompson             Manitoba
  • Tidal                     Manitoba
  • Togo                     Saskatchewan
  • Tremaudan            Manitoba
  • Trenton Junction     Ontario               Corridor
  • Trois Pistoles       Quebec
  • Truro                     Nova Scotia           Ocean
  • Turnbull                Manitoba
  • Union Bay            British Columbia
  • Union Station (Toronto) Ontario            Corridor, Canadian
  • Union Station (Winnipeg) Manitoba          Canadian
  • Unity                     Saskatchewan          Canadian
  • Upper Fraser       British Columbia
  • Usk                        British Columbia
  • Valemount           British Columbia
  • Vanderhoof          British Columbia
  • Veregin                  Saskatchewan
  • Victoria                  British Columbia      Closed
  • Viking                    Alberta               Canadian
  • Wabowden           Manitoba
  • Wainwright           Alberta
  • Washago               Ontario               Canadian
  • Watrous                Saskatchewan
  • Weir River             Manitoba
  • Wekusko               Manitoba
  • Wellington            British Columbia
  • Westree                 Ontario               Canadian
  • Wilde                     Manitoba
  • Willow River          British Columbia
  • Windsor                 Ontario               Corridor
  • Winnitoba             Manitoba
  • Wivenhoe              Manitoba
  • Woodstock            Ontario               Corridor
  • Wyoming               Ontario               Corridor
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