Top 10 Interrail Destinations

Top 10 Interrail Destinations

The top 10 European Cities:

The European Union now consists of 27 states. All of them have exciting capital cities and many other spectacular cities. Here are the top ten European cities worth visiting.

1. London
Certainly the most colorful among European cities. Double-decker buses, bobbies and one of the wildest cultural mixes in the world.

Not least because of the language that everybody has learned in school.

London is a tentative recommendation for travelers who like exotic but not too foreign.

2. Lisbon
The Portuguese capital has blossomed in recent years from the tip to be a perennial.

In Galao (coffee with milk) and Natas (pastry with custard filling) can enjoy the easy life. 
In Lisbon, I forget the economic difficulties of the country – Portuguese take life as it comes.

3. Paris
City of love, city of fashion, the capital of fine cuisine. 
From Romanticism to the culture feeling of being a foreigner (english is widely spoker but you should try to speak a bit of french).

The river Seine which runs through the city offers some of the best views of all the landmarks and much more.

4. Prague
Three-quarters of Prague are optimistic about the future. 
Anyone walking along between the historic buildings of the old city of Prague will quickly understand why.

It is and remains the most beautiful city in the Czech Republic.

5. Zurich 
Zurich seems to have an extremely young heart, there are very small towns scattered around the very picturesque surroundings.

One of the main features of the city are the outdoor swimmmig pools which are located near the river, meaning if you prefer to swim in a pool rather then the river you can and still enjoy the beauty of the city.

6. Vienna
Who’s classic and ornate like that can walk here from coffeehouse to coffeehouse and enjoy the historic atmosphere of the city.

7. Barcelona 
Las Ramblas – one of the most famous boulevards in Europe, is always filled with street artists and young people. At the foot of the road is the harbor, near the city center even beaches. What more could you want? Barcelona has a lot to offer!

8. Dublin
At the beginning of the new century, the city was the capital of Europe’s economic miracle. Today you can see there the footsteps of the great party – a city that suffers from a permanent hangover and yet still has brief moments to great parties in the situation.

9. Amsterdam
In high summer, when many other European cities in the heat shimmer, Amsterdam is air-conditioned comfortable with its many canals. The colorful mix of red-light district, a modern design and cyclists heaven, everyone should have once experienced.

10. Riga
If you think about European cities, first make sure you do not think of Riga. Well and that is why it is worth a visit to the capital of Latvia. One of the few truly exotic places you can visit on a short trip across Europe.


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