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Veolia Transport - B

Veolia Transport Europe

Veolia Transport France

The company was the third largest private sector operator of public transport and operated:

  • 7 tramway networks across the country: 5 in service (Bordeaux, Nice, Rouen, Nancy), 1 in construction in suburban Lyon, (Lesly) and two in project (Le Havre and Toulon).
  • 77 bus networks (January 1, 2009), especially in Bordeaux, Nice, Rouen, Saint-Étienne, Toulon, Le Havre and Nancy.
  • More than 25 suburban networks in suburban Paris: (Seine-St-Denis "TRA", Melun "Tram", Sénart "Sénart Bus", etc.).
  • 4 tourist railways (Petit train de la Rhune, Vapeur du Trieux, Chemin de Fer de La Mure and Chemins de Fer de Provence).
  • Ferry services in Mediterranéa: Veolia recently bought 28% of the Société Nationale Maritime Corse Méditerranée, a previously state-owned ferry company.

Veolia Transport Belgium

  • Autocars De Polder has been part of the Veolia Group since 1995.
  • Veolia operated some de Lijn routes under contract.

Veolia Transport Belgium (VTB) was passed on to Veolia Transdev until it was sold to a consortium consisting of Cube Infrastructure and Gimv in March 2014.

Veolia Transport Denmark

  • Veolia ran half of the transport operations of the privatised Combus especially around Copenhagen.
  • Copenhagen: Suburban buses.

These operations were sold to Arriva in October 2007.

Veolia Transport Finland

  • Helsinki: Veolia owns Helsinki Metropolitan Area's bus company Veolia Finland, which was previously Linjebuss and operated essentially in Vantaa, a northern suburb of Helsinki.
  • Tampere: Veolia owns the regional bus company previously known as Alhonen & Lastunen.
  • Seinäjoki: Veolia owns yet another local bus company, now known as Veolia Transport West Oy, operating both local and long-distance routes.

Veolia Transport Finland Oy has since been passed on to Transdev and has been known as Transdev Finland Oy since 5 February 2015.

Veolia Transport Germany

Veolia Verkehr, former Connex Verkehr, offers train services, several of a regional character such as the Bayerische Oberlandbahn from Munich, and two long-distance services.

Veolia owns a number of bus companies, mostly in suburban areas. It also operated tram systems:

  • Aachen: Suburban buses.
  • Berlin: Suburban tram line linking to the S Bahn.
  • Frankfurt: Urban linepacks A&E, Suburban services.
  • Bad Homburg: Urban & Suburban buses.
  • Hagen: Urban network.
  • Pforzheim: Urban network won by Veolia in August 2006. Network included in "Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund GmbH" (KVV) and linked to it by Tram-Train line.
  • Schwäbisch Hall: Urban network.
  • Stuttgart: Suburban buses... and also into rural areas.

Veolia Verkehr has since been passed on to Transdev and is now known as Transdev GmbH since March 2015.

Veolia Transport Ireland

  • Dublin: Veolia operated the Luas tramway which started operations in June 2004. Operation of the Luas tramway has since been passed on to Veolia Transdev and renamed Transdev Ireland.
  • Galway: Veolia owned the Nestor Airlink bus company which operated between Galway and Dublin Airport. However Jim Burke & Sons own and run it as of March 2009.

Veolia Transport Jersey

  • Connex Transport Jersey operated bus services in Jersey between 29 September 2002 and 31 December 2012 under the Mybus brand.

Veolia Transport Netherlands

  Veolia Transport Nederland Consisted Of:

  •   Veolia Transport Veluwe, operating in De Veluwe region in Gelderland.
  •   Veolia Transport Haaglanden, operating in South Holland.
  •   Veolia Transport Brabant, operating in middle and western North Brabant with 4 urban networks in Breda, Tilburg, Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal.
  •   Veolia Transport Limburg, operating in the whole province of Limburg, including city buses in Maastricht, Parkstad (Heerlen-Kerkrade-Landgraaf-Brunssum),    Venlo, and Roermond and the Roermond–Nijmegen and Maastricht–Kerkrade train routes.
  •   Veolia Transport Fast Ferries Zeeland (Western Scheldt ferry).
  •   Veolia Transport Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen, in the southern part of Zeeland province.
  •   Formerly Veolia Cargo Nederland freight trains, sold in 2009 to SNCF Geodis.

Veolia Transport Nederland became part of Transdev in March 2011 and was brought under common ownership with Connexxion to form Transdev Nederland. Both continued to operate independently until June 2015 when both were brought under common management. When the Limburg concession expired on 11 December 2016, the remaining Haaglanden operations were rebranded as Connexxion.

Veolia Transport Norway

Veolia Transport Norge Operated:

  •   Trondheim Tramway.
  •   Rogaland buses.
  •   Nordland buses and ferries.
  •   Finnmark buses and ferries.

On 6 May 2011, Veolia Transport Norge was sold in a management buyout and renamed Boreal Transport Norge AS. The new owners were Transport Management AS (1.4%) (the management) and Cube Norge AS (98.6%), a subsidiary of Cube Communications Infrastructure S.C.A. (Cube Infrastructure Fund) of Luxembourg.

Veolia Transport Spain

  • Barcelona: Two unlinked tram networks Trambaix and Trambesòs and two networks in the suburbs: Terrassa and Mataró.
  • Bilbao: Bilbobus urban network, contract won in May 2008, sold in 2012.
  • Jerez: Urban network.
  • Parla: Tramway in suburban Madrid.

Veolia Transport Sweden

Veolia Transport Sverige AB was the umbrella company of Veolia Transport companies in Sweden:

  • Gothenburg: Veolia owns the ferry company Styrsöbolaget that operated the cross-river ferries (Älvsnabben) as well as the ferries to the south archipelago. Veolia also operate some local city bus networks or interurban lines on contract to the local authorities (Västtrafik).
  • Norrköping: Veolia operate the Norrköping tramway on behalf of Östgötatrafiken.
  • Stockholm: Until April 2012, Veolia Transport (now Transdev) was running three tram networks (Lidingöbanan, Nockebybanan and Tvärbanan) and a local railway (Saltsjöbanan) in the city on behalf of SL.
  • Metro contracted by the Stockholm County Council until 2009, after which the contract was taken over by Hong Kong's MTR.
  • Malmö: Veolia runs long-distance trains from Malmö to Stockholm, in the winter season going further on to Åre, and the long-distance train from Malmö to Berlin with train ferry via Trelleborg to Sassnitz in the summer season.

Veolia Transport Sverige AB has since been passed on to Transdev and is now known as Transdev Sverige AB since February 2015.

Veolia Transport Overview

Veolia Transport Type: Transport Division
Veolia Transport Industry: Transportation Services
Veolia Transport Predecessor: Compagnie Générale des Eaux
Veolia Transport Founded: 1876 (1997)
Veolia Transport Defunct: 2011
Veolia Transport Fate: Merged with original Transdev
Veolia Transport Headquarters: Paris, France
Veolia Transport Key People: Henri Proglio (Chairman and CEO)
Veolia Transport Products: Transportation as Veolia Transportation
Veolia Transport Revenue: €6.1 billion EUR (2009)
Veolia Transport Number of Employees: 83,654 (2009)
Veolia Transport Parent: Veolia


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