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Veolia Transport Oceania

Veolia Transport Australia

Connex changed its name to the same as its French parent company's, Veolia, in January 2006. Branding on buses and trains was changed to reflect this position, with the exception of Connex Melbourne. Turnover for Australia was over A$635 million.

  • Brisbane, Queensland:
    • Veolia operated as Veolia Transport Brisbane after purchasing National Bus Company's business in September 2004.
  • Melbourne, Victoria:
    • Connex Melbourne operated the franchise for operating half of Melbourne's suburban rail system, later extending to the entire network in 2004. The contract expired on 30 November 2009.
  • Perth, Western Australia:
    • Veolia purchased Southern Coast Transit from National Bus Company in 2004.
  • Sydney, New South Wales:
    •  Veolia operated a commuter bus services in south and south-western Sydney as Veolia Transport NSW, formerly Connex Southtrans and Connex NSW, after purchasing Southtrans in September 1999.
    •  Veolia also operated the Sydney Monorail and light rail network as Veolia Transport Sydney, on behalf of Metro Transport Sydney since August 1998. It was CGEA Transport's first venture into Australia and first operated as CGEA Transport Sydney. It also owned 51% of the monorail between 1998 and 2001.

With the exception of Connex Melbourne, the other Veolia Transport operations have since been passed on to Veolia Transdev and grouped to form its Australasian subsidiary Transdev Australasia (together with Veolia Auckland and old Transdev).

Between August 2001 and 2003, Connex also briefly owned 50% of West Coast Railway which operated services between Melbourne and Warrnambool.

Veolia Transport New Caledonia

  • Nouméa: Veolia created and ran the Nouméa suburban bus network since February 2002, under the Carsud brand.

Veolia Transport New Zealand

  • Auckland: Veolia Transport Auckland operated the commuter rail services in partnership with Auckland Transport. It changed its name from Connex to Veolia on 1 March 2006.

Veolia Transport Auckland has since been passed on to Veolia Transdev and grouped with Veolia Transport and old Transdev's Australian operations to form Transdev Australasia.

Veolia Transport Overview

Veolia Transport Type: Transport Division
Veolia Transport Industry: Transportation Services
Veolia Transport Predecessor: Compagnie Générale des Eaux
Veolia Transport Founded: 1876 (1997)
Veolia Transport Defunct: 2011
Veolia Transport Fate: Merged with original Transdev
Veolia Transport Headquarters: Paris, France
Veolia Transport Key People: Henri Proglio (Chairman and CEO)
Veolia Transport Products: Transportation as Veolia Transportation
Veolia Transport Revenue: €6.1 billion EUR (2009)
Veolia Transport Number of Employees: 83,654 (2009)
Veolia Transport Parent: Veolia


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