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Abellio ScotRail Past Fleet
This new rolling stock resulted in ten Class 156, eight Class 158 and 21 Class 170 sets returning to their leasing companies when their leases expired in 2018. Transport Scotland negotiated to retain an extra 13 Class 170s to support services through Fife to Aberdeen, the Fife Circle Line, and the Borders railway. Arriva Rail North received five of the 156s, all 8 of the 158s and 16 of the 170s. Five Class 170s (170416-170420) moved to East Midlands Railway in 2020.
Former train types operated by ScotRail include:
  • High Speed Train   43   Diesel locomotive
Aberdeen-Inverness Line, Glasgow/Edinburgh to Aberdeen
Glasgow/Edinburgh to Inverness   2020   1975–1982
  • Mark 3   Passenger carriage
Locomotive Hauled Stock
Stadler UKLight   68   Diesel locomotive
Fife Circle Line   2020   2013–2014
  • Mark 2   Passenger carriage
Diesel multiple units   1973–1975
  • Sprinter 156 Super Sprinter   DMU
Cumbernauld Line
Edinburgh–Dunblane line
Fife Circle Line
Glasgow South Western Line
Maryhill Line
Shotts Line
West Highland Line   2018   1987–1989
  • 158/0 Express Sprinter
Aberdeen-Inverness Line
Borders Railway
Cumbernauld Line
Edinburgh–Dunblane line
Fife Circle Line
Glasgow/Edinburgh to Inverness
Maryhill Line
Shotts Line   1989–1992
  • Bombardier Turbostar 170
Aberdeen-Inverness Line
Borders Railway
Cumbernauld Line
Edinburgh to Aberdeen Line
Edinburgh–Dunblane line
Fife Circle Line
Glasgow to Edinburgh via Falkirk Line
Maryhill Line   2018, 2020   1999–2001
Electric Multiple Units
  • BREL 1972 314   EMU
Cathcart Circle Lines
Inverclyde Line
Paisley Canal Line   2018–2019   1979
  • Networker   365 Networker Express
Glasgow to Edinburgh via Falkirk Line
Edinburgh to Dunblane   2019   1994–1995
Abellio ScotRail Overview
Abellio ScotRail Franchise(s): ScotRail
Abellio ScotRail Main Region(s): Scotland
Abellio ScotRail Other Region(s): Cumbria
Abellio ScotRail Stations Operated: 354
Abellio ScotRail Parent Company: Abellio
Abellio ScotRail Reporting Mark: SR
Abellio ScotRail Dates of Operation: 1 April 2015–31 March 2022
Abellio ScotRail Predecessor: First ScotRail
Abellio ScotRail Successor: ScotRail
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