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NI Railways (NIR) - D
NI Railways "New Trains" Fleet Replacement
In 2004/2005, NIR received 23 Class 3000 diesel multiple units from CAF of Spain in a £80 million order. The final unit, 3023, arrived in Belfast Harbour on Monday 18 July 2005. All units had entered service by 24 September 2005. A maintenance contract with CAF for these vehicles was extended in May 2020 for another 15 years.
In 2007, NIR announced plans to purchase up to 20 trains under its "New Trains 2010" proposal following the confirmation of its expected budget. This fleet replaced the remaining Class 80 and Class 450 trains by March 2012. Renamed as "New Trains Two", this project went out to tender in late 2007. In March 2009 it was announced that CAF had been selected to build the new fleet, named Class 4000. The first units were delivered in March 2011, with entry into service in September 2011
In December 2018, NIR, announced that 21 additional carriages would be purchased from CAF at the cost of £50 million, via an option in the existing Class 4000 train procurement contract. The first of the new carriages arrived in Belfast in March 2021, they were integrated onto Unit 4017 and tested throughout the summer, until being put into service on 29 September 2021.
NI Railways Past Fleet
  • Class Z   Steam Locomotive
Ex-SLNCR Lough class.
1949   1969
  • Class WT
2-6-4 tank engines nicknamed "Jeeps" due to their general purpose traffic ability.
Used for Spoil trains from Magheramorne to shores of Belfast Lough as well as shunting, passenger and freight.
1946-1950   1969-1971
Arguably the last steam locomotives in mainline operation in the British Isles.
  • AEC   Diesel Multiple Unit
Inherited from the UTA.
1948-1950   1972
  • BUT
Nine vehicles converted to hauled stock over the 1970s, these lasted until 1980.
1956-1958   1975-1980
  • MED
Intended for local services around Belfast.
1952-1954   1973-1978
  • MPD
Intended for longer distance former NCC routes and Enterprise.
1957-1962   1981-1984
  • 70 Class
Passenger DEMU. Engines recovered for use in 450 Class units. One intermediate is preserved at the Downpatrick and County Down Railway. One driving trailer was also preserved, but was destroyed
1966-1968   1985-1986
  • 80 Class
Passenger DEMU affectionately nicknamed 'Thumpers'.
Operated on all routes. Also used for Sandite until 2017.
1974-1979   2011-2017
  • 101 Class   Diesel Locomotive
Intended for loco hauled Enterprise services.
1970   2002
  • 104 Class
Originally operated under CIÉ, six transferred to NIR in 1986.
1956-1957   1997
  • 450 Class   Diesel Multiple Unit
Passenger DEMU nicknamed the Castle Class by enthusiasts.
Power cars named after Northern Ireland castles.
1985-1987   2011-2012
Initially designed for commuter or branch line traffic but could be found over the entire network.
One example is preserved on the Downpatrick and County Down Railway.
  • RB3   Diesel Railcar
Prototype built for British Rail, transferred to NIR in 1983. Preserved at the Downpatrick and County Down Railway.
  • Class 1   Diesel Locomotive
Shunters. Since withdrawal two have been rebuilt for work in Sri Lanka, one is in storage in Wales.
NI Railways Overview
NI Railways Main Region(s): Northern Ireland
NI Railways Fleet Size: 47
NI Railways Stations Called At: 54
NI Railways Parent Company: NITHCo (Translink)
NI Railways Dates of Operation: 1967-
NI Railways Predecessor: Ulster Transport Authority
NI Railways Track Gauge: 1,600 mm (5 ft 3 in) Irish gauge
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