Stubaitalbahn (Narrow-Gauge)

Stubaitalbahn (Narrow-Gauge)

The Stubaitalbahn or Stubai Valley Railway is an 18.2 km (11.31 mi) long narrow gauge interurban tram from Innsbruck to Fulpmes in Tyrol, Austria. In the city of Innsbruck, it uses the local tramway tracks. At the Stubaital station, the branch line-rated part begins. The meter gauge track starts at Innsbruck's Main station, crosses the Wilten district, and passes the villages of Natters, Mutters, Kreith, and Telfes.

Between the Stubaital station and Fulpmes, the railway is single-track, but at nine stations: Sonnenburgerhof, Hölltal, Mutters, Nockhofweg Muttereralmbahn, Feldeler, Kreith, Telfer Wiesen, Luimes, Telfes, there are passing loops where the train usually uses the left-hand track. The final station, Fulpmes, has three tracks and one depot.

Stubaitalbahn Overview

Stubaitalbahn Line Number: STB
Stubaitalbahn Termini:
Stubaitalbahn Operator(s): IVB
Stubaitalbahn Opened: 31 July 1904

Stubaitalbahn Technical

Stubaitalbahn Line Length: 18.2 km (11.31 mi)
Stubaitalbahn Track Gauge: 1,000 mm (3 ft 3+3/8 in) metre gauge
Stubaitalbahn Minimum Radius: 40 m (131.2 ft)
Stubaitalbahn Electrification: Catenary
900 V DC
Stubaitalbahn Before 1983:
3000 V / 50 Hz AC
Stubaitalbahn Maximum: Incline 4.6 %

Stubaitalbahn Route Map Legend

Kreuzung Anichstr./Bürgerstr.

0,0 Old station
0,16 Junction old StationTMB

reversement tunnel158m
Crossing Brennerstraße

2,3 Sonnenburgerhof
2,9 Gärberbach
3,6 Hölltal
4,5 Natters
5,4 Burgstall
6,0 Mutters
7,0 Birchfeld
7,7 Nockhofweg

tunnel Mutters148m
viaduct Mutters109m

8,7 Raitis
9,1 Feldeler
9,8 Außerkreith
10,7 Kreith

viaduct Kreith110m

11,7 Brandeck
12,7 Telfer Wiesen
15,1 Luimes
16,2 Telfes
17,1 Tenniscamp
18,2 Fulpmes

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