European High-Speed Trains

High-Speed Trains in Europe

Take high-speed trains to travel through Europe in style and cover large distances quickly while enjoying a bite to eat in a dining car or in your comfortable seat.

Many European high-speed trains are included in the Eurail passes. As these trains offer more comfort and service than regional trains, seat reservations are often mandatory. A reservation guarantees you a seat even during busy periods.

List of High Speed Trains in Europe

Alfa Pendular
Alfa Pendular High-Speed Train

The Alfa Pendular travels down the coast of Portugal, from Braga to Faro and stopping at Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon. Within less than 6 hours, you can make your way to the other side of the country, while enjoying the excellent facilities on board.

More about the Alfa Pendular


Altaria High-Speed Train


The Altaria high-speed train connects the Spanish capital, Madrid, to southern Spain in a matter of hours. This train travels to Algeciras;(where you can connect by ferry to Morocco), Granada, Cartagena and Murcia. Altaria trains offer spacious reclining seats, as well as audio and video outlets.

More about the Altaria


Alvia High-Speed Train


Spanish Alvia high-speed trains cover large distances at speeds of up to 250 km/hr. As well as connecting major cities across Spain this train also offers all the modern comforts, including spacious reclining seats with plenty of legroom, fold-away tables, as well as audio and video outlets.

More about the Alvia


AVE High-Speed Train


The AVE is a modern high-speed train in Spain, renowned for its punctuality and short travel times between cities across the vast Spanish countryside. You can expect comfortable reclining seats, video screens in each car, a café/bar, along with great onboard service. This is the relaxed, comfortable and fast way to travel across Spain.

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Euromed High-Speed Train


The Euromed travels along the Mediterranean coast from Barcelona to Alicante stopping at Tarragona, Castellon and Valencia. You can expect excellent onboard services and a travel time of under 5 hours. The Euromed is a convenient and relaxed way to explore the east coast of Spain.

More about the Euromed


Eurostar High-Speed Train

(Belgium - France - Great Britain)

The high-speed Eurostar is the best option for a trip to London from Brussels or Paris. With short travel times, this train will transport you via the Channel Tunnel to the heart of London. Travel under the water while enjoying all the comforts of a modern high-speed train.

More about the Eurostar


ICE High-Speed Train

(Belgium - the Netherlands - Germany - Switzerland - Denmark - France)

ICE trains connect all major cities in Germany and many cities in neighboring countries. This modern high-speed train, with hourly services, offers among other things air-conditioned cars, plenty of leg room, video screens and audio systems. The ICE will get you pretty much anywhere in Germany and is a great way to travel to other countries, such as Austria, Denmark, France and Switzerland.

More about the ICE


Le Frecce
Le Frecce High-Speed Train


Le Frecce trains (formerly known as Eurostar Italia) are a network of modern high-speed trains connecting many cities across Italy. Travel with Le Frecce for a speedy connection to the heart of many cities in Italy such as Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Verona and Naples. With three types of Le Frecce trains you are assured a fast connection not only to the popular cities in Italy but also to smaller towns across the Italian countryside.

More about Le Frecce


Railjet High-Speed Train

(Austria - Germany - Switzerland - Hungary)

Railjet (RJ) high-speed trains operate between Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. Railjet trains are state of the art, taking train travel to the next level by offering high-speed with maximum comfort, outstanding onboard facilities and excellent services. Reaching speeds of 230 km/hr. Railjet transports you in style throughout Austria and to the neighboring countries of GermanySwitzerland and Hungary.

More about Railjet


Railjet High-Speed Train

(Spain - France)

The Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación is an international high-speed train that connects Spain and France. It's one of the fastest ways to travel from Madrid and Barcelona in Spain to cities like Paris, Marseille and Lyon in France.

More about Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación


SJ High-Speed Train

(Sweden - Denmark)

The Swedish SJ high-speed trains are designed specifically for the Scandinavian terrain and travel at a top speed of 200km/hr. These trains offer a high level of comfort and can transport you swiftly to the center of many cities in Sweden such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. These high-speed trains also travel directly to Copenhagen (Denmark) via the longest road and rail bridge in Europe - the stunning Öresund Bridge.

More about SJ


SuperCity High-Speed Train

(The Czech Republic)

The high-speed SuperCity train is a great option for exploring the major cities in the Czech Republic. The newest addition to the Czech Railways fleet these modern pendolino trains journey through the heart of the Czech Republic from the beautiful historic capital of Prague to the eastern city of Ostrava and also can connect to Austria and Slovakia in the south.

More about the SuperCity


TGV High-Speed Train

(Belgium - Italy - Germany - Spain - Switzerland - Luxembourg - France)

The TGV is a high-speed train that operates all over France and beyond. Travel from romantic Paris to the shores of the Mediterranean or the vineyards of the Loire Valley. Visit cities such as Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille or catch a movie in world-famous Cannes.

More about the TGV


TGV Lyria
TGV Lyria High-Speed Train

(Switzerland - France)

The TGV Lyria is an international high-speed train that connects France and Switzerland. This is one of the fastest trains in the world, ready to take you on a trip through some of the greatest scenery in Europe.

More about the TGV Lyria


Thalys High-Speed Train

(Belgium - the Netherlands - Germany - France)

Thalys is an international high-speed train connecting France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels), Germany (Cologne) and The Netherlands (Amsterdam). The great advantage of traveling with Thalys trains is the reduced travel time between cities allowing you even more time to explore the cities you visit.

More about the Thalys


Reservations for High-Speed Trains

Reservations are mandatory for some of Europe's high-speed trains.

Depending on the train, you can make these reservations online, by phone or through our reservation service.

A reservation guarantees you a seat on the train, which is particularly useful if you are traveling with a group and want to sit together.

Alfa Pendular High-Speed Train Portugal

Alfa Pendular High-Speed Train

Altaria High-Speed Train Spain

Altaria High-Speed Train

Alvia High-Speed Train Spain

Alvia High-Speed Train

AVE High-Speed Train Spain

AVE High-Speed Train

Euromed High-Speed Train Spain

Euromed High-Speed Train

ICE High-Speed Train Germany

ICE High-Speed Train

Le Frecce High-Speed Train Italy

Le Frecce High-Speed Train

Railjet High-Speed Train Austria

Railjet High-Speed Train

Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación High-Speed Train Spain

Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación High-Speed Train

SJ High-Speed Train Sweden

SJ High-Speed Train

TGV High-Speed Train France

TGV High-Speed Train
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