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TrenItalia Frecciarossa

The TrenItalia ‘Frecce’ fleet


Frequent high speed services on the Turin-Milan-Bologna-Rome-Naples-Salerno line

  • Maximum speed: 360 km/h
  • 78 services daily

On board comfort

Fixed composition: four 1st class carriages, six 2nd class carriages and one restaurant carriage

  • Air conditioning
  • Electric sockets at each seat
  • Two screens in each carriage
  • Wifi connection (payable on board)
  • The space between the seats is 106 cm
  • Two toilets in each carriage (1 for men and 1 for women)
  • Luggage space
  • Seats for wheelchair passengers

Four service classes are available on board of the Frecciarossa : Executive, Business, Premium and Standard. Only the Business and Standard service classes are available on

Business class (3 carriages)

  • Much more than traditional first class
  • Ideal for business travellers
  • Quiet space available (16 seats)

Business Plus :

  • Two isolated compartments of four seats each
  • Seat reclining angle: up to 115°
  • Ergonomic leather seats
  • Six information screens in each carriage

Exclusive Services: Check-in on the platform, welcome drink, free newspapers at your seat, bar trolley and catering service.

Standard class (four carriages)

  • Affordable travel
  • Reclining fabric seats, up to 112°
  • Bar trolley

Exclusive service: six information screens in each carriage.

Main Italian Routes Trains Fastest Journey Times
Milan <=> Rome Frecciarossa 2 hrs, 55 mins
Milan <=> Florence Frecciarossa 1 hr, 40 mins
Turin <=> Milan Frecciarossa 53 mins
Bologna <=> Rome Frecciargento 1 hrs, 57 mins
Venice <=> Rome Frecciargento 3 hrs, 45 mins
Rome <=> Reggio Calabria Frecciabianca 6 hrs, 20 mins

Train Name: Eurostar Italia, Eurostar City Italia, InterCity, Regional and Overnight trains.

Description: TrenItalia is the national rail operator of Italy, with over 150 trains reaching over 200 Italian stations everyday. Their trains include:

  • Eurostar Italia - top-of-the-range high speed trains running at speeds of up to 186mph, linking major Italian cities. Some Eurostar Italia trains have tilting technology and are also known as "Frecciarossa" or "Red Arrow" trains. Other Eurostar Italia trains are known as "Frecciargento" or "Silver Arrow" and run at speeds of up to 125mph, also with tilting technology.
  • Eurostar City Italia - operates on non-high speed tracks at speeds of up to 125mph, linking major Italian cities.
  • InterCity trains - operate at speed of up to 100-125mph, linking smaller towns and cities.
  • Regional trains - local and regional trains that usually only offer standard class seats.Overnight trains - depart late in the evening and arrive early in the morning, linking larger towns and cities.

Train Code:

  • Eurostar Italia - EAV
  • Eurostar City Italia - TRN - Train numbers in the booking system start with a 9 and are made up of 3 or 4 digits.
  • InterCity trains - ICP
  • Overnight trains - INI
  • Regional trains - TRN - train numbers in the booking system have either 4 or 5 digits and do not start with a 9.

Reservation: Compulsory on ALL trains except regional trains.

Booking Horizon: 3 months for domestic journeys, 4 months for international journeys.

Examples of Key Routes:

Eurostar Italia

  • Turin - Milan/Bologna/Florence/Rome/Naples/Salerno.

Eurostar City Italia

  • Genoa - Rome.
  • Milan - Bari/Bologna/Pescara/Venice.
  • Turin - Bari/Florence/Rome/Trieste/ Venice.

InterCity trains

  • Bolzano - Bari.
  • Milan - Naples/Ventimiglia.
  • Rome - Bari/Palermo.
  • Trieste - Naples.
  • Turin - Salerno.
  • Venice - Bari/Naples.

Overnight trains

  • Bolzano - Lecce/Reggio Calabria.
  • Milan - Bari/Naples/Palermo/Salerno.
  • Rome - Palermo/Reggio Calabria/Siracusa.
  • Turin - Bari/Naples/Palermo/Salerno.
  • Venice - Lecce.

First class seats:

  • Eurostar Italia - Large comfortable reclining seats, Air Conditioning, Power sockets, Business seats, Welcome drink, Newspapers on morning trains.
  • Eurostar City Italia - Large comfortable reclining seats, Air Conditioning, Power sockets.
  • Intercity trains - Large comfortable reclining seats, Air Conditioning, Power sockets.

Standard class seats:

  • Eurostar Italia - Air Conditioning, Power sockets.
  • Eurostar City Italia - Air Conditioning, Power sockets.
  • Intercity trains - Air Conditioning, Power sockets.

Overnight accommodation:

  • Deluxe Single, double and triple sleepers with shower, washbasin and WC. 1 double bed cabin available. Welcome drink, bottle of water, toiletry bag, continental breakfast (oven-fresh bread and croissants), daily newspaper in the morning. Sleeper equipped with air conditioning, power sockets, alarm call on request, safe, bedding and towels, mirror and clothes hangers. Rooms convert to a private sitting room with sofa & coffee table for evening or morning use.
  • Standard single, double and triple sleepers with washbasin. Welcome drink, bottle of water, toiletry bag, hot drink and daily newspaper in the morning. Sleeper equiped with air conditioning, power sockets, alarm call on request, safe, bedding and towels, mirror and clothes hangers. Rooms convert to a private sitting room with sofa & coffee table for evening or morning use.
  • 4 and 6-berth couchettes have air conditioning, night light, bedding, toiletries provided, morning newspaper. 6-berth compartments are mixed sex where as there are some female-only 4-berth compartments.

Catering: Most trains have a bar-buffet car for purchasing drinks and snacks during the journey. Trains that do not have a bar-buffet car usually offer a trolley service.

Disabled Facilities: Wheelchair spaces and WC are available on most TrenItalia trains. These dedicated areas can usually be found in carriage 3 but can vary train by train.

Smoking: All Italo trains are entirely non-smoking.

Luggage: 2 bags/suitcases per passenger plus 1 piece of hand luggage. Dedicated luggage carriages are available on some TrenItalia trains.

Bicycles: Bicycles can be transported free of charge in a bike bag, whose dimensions do no exceed 120x90cm. Bikes in a bike bag count as one piece of luggage (see above).

Domestic Animals: Domestic animals are permitted onboard most TrenItalia trains provided other passengers do not object. Small dogs must be muzzled and on a lead. Small domestic animals must be carried in a pet carrier (with dimensions no greater than 32x32x50cm). On overnight trains the whole compartment must be booked in order to travel with the pet. On some trains larger dogs must have a ticket, costing around £5. Guide dogs travel for free and do not require a ticket. Maximum of 1 dog or 1 pet carrier per passenger.

Toilets: Toilets are located at the end of each carriage. Some trains have both ladies and gentlemen's toilets.

International Trains: International day trains and overnight trains connect Italy with Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France (refer to Artesia product fact sheets), Spain (refer to Elipsos product fact sheet), Croatia, Slovenia, Prague and Hungary. Also known as EuroCity and EuroNight trains, all are equipped with air conditioning and disabled facilities. Some trains have a bar-buffet carriage, others have a trolley service. Services onboard can vary greatly train by train.

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