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Enterprise (Train Service) Future Fleet

Both IÉ and NIR have an ambition to introduce hourly services, but it would be necessary to procure new, faster rolling stock to achieve the required improvements in frequency and speed. In 2005, they investigated procuring new rolling stock when seven 125 mph (200 km/h) capable Class 222 DEMUs built for the British network became available as one of the possible options, which also included the procurement of additional 22000 Class DMUs as part of IÉ's order. New rolling stock would most likely be a multiple unit rather than locomotive-hauled, similar to IÉ's plans for Dublin-Cork services.

Enterprise Future Developments

Press reports from 2007 have stated that NIR & IÉ plan to introduce a new hourly service. This was reiterated in a statement by Conor Murphy, the then Northern Ireland Minister for Regional Development, who stated that the two companies had made a presentation to the North/South Ministerial Council in October 2007 putting forward the case for improvements in the frequency and speed of the service.

Any improvements to the service would require significant investment in track and signalling, as well as new rolling stock. In April 2008, the then Minister for Regional Development stated that the major improvements to the infrastructure and rolling stock required by Enterprise would be in the region of £500 million. However, the introduction of an hourly timetable remains an ambition for NIR and IÉ.

The line south of the border was upgraded to continuous welded rail in the 1990s, while NIR has also made track improvements to allow an increase in speed. Enterprise would require a minimum of seven trains to operate an hourly service – until 2013, IÉ had a significant number of stored Mark 3 rolling stock available, of which five sets were push-pull capable.

However, all of IÉ's Mark 3 carriages were scrapped during 2013 and 2014. NIR also withdrew its "Gatwick" set in June 2009 and it has been preserved by the RPSI. The introduction of the 22000 Class could potentially be used to enhance the frequency of the Enterprise which has led to a surplus of locomotives that could be utilised. The major issue remains the capacity at Dublin Connolly, which is stretched.

Plans have been mooted to transfer Enterprise's northern terminus from Lanyon Place to Belfast Great Victoria Street, which is more centrally located and is co-located with Europa Buscentre, providing an integrated rail/bus journey to all parts of the island.

Enterprise (Train Service) Overview

Enterprise Franchise(s): Not subject to franchising (1997 - present)
Enterprise Main station(s): Dublin Connolly,
Belfast Lanyon Place
Enterprise Other Station(s):
Drogheda, Dundalk, Newry, Portadown. Lurgan and Lisburn (09:00 ex Belfast, Sunday only)
Enterprise Fleet Size:
Eight 201 Class locomotives
Twenty eight De Dietrich carriages
Four Mark 3 generator vans
Enterprise Stations Called At: 8
Enterprise Parent Company:
Iarnród Éireann/
Northern Ireland Railways

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