Matheran Hill Railway

Matheran Hill Railway
Matheran Hill Railway is a 2 ft (610 mm) narrow-gauge heritage railway in Maharashtra, India. The railways comes under the administration of the Central Railways. The railway covers a distance of 21 km (13.05 mi), over large swathes of forest territory connecting Neral to Matheran in the Western Ghats.
MHR is in the tentative list of UNESCO world heritage sites.
Matheran Hill Railway History
The Neral–Matheran Light Railway was built between 1901 and 1907 by Abdul Hussein Adamjee Peerbhoy, financed by his father, Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy at a cost of ₹16 lakh (US$25,000). Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy visited Matheran often and wanted to build a railway to make it easier to get there. Hussain's plans for the Matheran Hill Railway were formulated in 1900 and construction started in 1904. Consulting engineer was Everard Calthrop of Barsi Light Railway fame. The line was open to traffic by 1907. Originally, the tracks were laid with 30 lb/yd (14.9 kg/m) rails but now has 42 lb/yd (20.8 kg/m) rails. Ruling gradient is 1:20 (5%) with tight curves and speeds are limited to 12 km/h (7.5 mph).
The railway was closed by flood damage during 2005 and was not expected to reopen before April 2007. Contrary to those expectations, the first run on the repaired railway was on 5 March 2007. The line observed its centenary on 15 April 2007. Train services were suspended during the monsoon season from June to October because of the danger of landslides. During the 2012 monsoon season, CR conducted tests of the air brakes, and after receiving approval from the Commission of Railway Safety, ran the train during the monsoon for the first time. CR plans to shorten the period during which services are suspended by suspending services only from 15 July and restarting them on 1 October.
In November 2012, CR added a special coach called a saloon to trains operating on the line. The saloons feature cushioned sofas and LCD screens showing images from outside the train. Earlier, these saloons were available only to railway officers.
Matheran Hill Railway Operators
The MHR and all its movable and immovable assets, including the authentic railway stations, the line, and the track vehicles, belong to the Government of India entrusted to the Ministry of Railways. The Central Railway handles the day-to-day maintenance and management. But moreover, several programs, divisions and departments of the Indian Railways are responsible for operating, maintaining and repairing the KSR. This includes technical as well as non-technical work.
Matheran Hill Railway Rolling Stock
Matheran Hill Railway Steam Locomotives
Consulting engineer Everard Calthrop designed a 0-6-0T with Klein-Linder locomotives articulated coupled axles to provide a flexible wheelbase, and four were supplied by Orenstein & Koppel. They ran from the railway's opening in 1907 till 1982, when they were replaced by diesel engines. By 1983, all steam locomotives were phased out. A 'B' class loco #794 from the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was transferred to the Neral-Matheran line in 2001 to test the feasibility of steam excursions. In 2013, it was sent to Golden Rock workshops to be converted to oil firing and returned to Neral soon after.
MHR No. ISR No.    Builder     Builders No.   Date Current Location
1               738            O & K        1766                 1905      Neral
2               739            O & K        2342                 1907      Delhi
3               740            O & K        2343                 1907      South Tynedale Railway
4               741            O & K        1767                 1905      Matheran
794            Baldwin    44914               1917      Neral
Matheran Hill Railway Diesel Locomotives
Because of the sharp curves on the line, only short-wheelbase four-wheel diesel units can be used, with Class NDM1 and NDM6 locomotives in use. Class NDM1 is a design incorporating two powered units articulated with a central cab, initially developed by German builder Arn Jung. The non-articulated Class NDM6 type was manufactured by Bangalore builders SAN
ISR No: 400
Class: NDM1
Builder: Indian Railways, Parel Works, Mumbai
Date: 2016 Delivered           
Current Status: In Neral shed awaiting commissioning, 1 April 2016
Notes: from Parel, January 2016

ISR No: 500
Class: NDM1
Builder: Jung
Builders No: 12108
Date: 1956 Withdrawn.
Current Status: Not present 1 April 2016.
Notes: Originally No.700 from Kalka Shimla Railway.

ISR No: 501
Class: NDM1
Builder: Jung
Builders No: 12109
Date: 1956
Current Status: Rebuilt at Parel 2002
Notes: In Service Originally No.750

ISR No: 502
Class: NDM1
Builder: Jung
Builders No: 12110
Date: 1956
Current Status: Dismantled for repairs at Neral 1 April 2016.
Notes: Originally No.751

ISR No: 503
Class: NDM1
Builder: Jung
Builders No: 12111
Date: 1956
Current Status: Withdrawn. Not present 1 April 2016.
Notes: Originally No.752.

ISR No: 504
Class: NDM1
Builder: Jung
Builders No:12105
Date: 1956
Current Status: Withdrawn. Not present 1 April 2016.
Notes: Originally No.701 from Kalka Shimla Railway.

ISR No: 505
Class: NDM1
Builder: Jung
Builders No: 12107
Date: 1956
Current Status: Withdrawn. Not present 1 April 2016.
Notes: Originally No.703 from Kalka Shimla Railway.

ISR No: 506
Class: NDM1
Builder: Jung
Builders No:12106
Date: 1956
Current Status: Withdrawn. Not present 1 April 2016.
Notes: Originally No.702 from Kalka Shimla Railway.

ISR No: 550
Class: NDM1A
Builder: Indian Railways, Parel Works, Mumbai
Date: 2006
Current Status: In Service
Notes: On Aman Lodge shuttle 7/3/15

ISR No: 551
Class: NDM1A
Builder: Indian Railways, Parel Works, Mumbai
Date: 2006
Current Status: In Service
Notes: On Aman Lodge shuttle 7/3/15

ISR No: 600
Class: NDM6
Builder: SAN
Builders No: 559
Date: 1997
Current Status: In Service
Notes: Repairs at Neral 1 April 2016

ISR No: 603
Class: NDM6
Builder: SAN
Builders No: 568
Date: 1998
Current Status: In Service
Notes: Recorded on 7 March 2015 on Aman Lodge shuttle
Matheran Hill Railway Route
Water Pipe
Aman Lodge

Matheran Hill Railway Route Detail
Neral, the starting point, is near Mumbai. The 2 ft (610 mm) narrow-gauge line runs parallel to the BG line to the west of Hardal Hill and then turns east to ascend towards Matheran. The rail alignment and the roadway meet near Jumappati and meet again, after a brief separation, at Bhekra Khud. Following a small level stretch, there is a sharp ascent just before Mount Barry.
A large horseshoe embankment was built to avoid a reversing station here. The line runs for a mile or so northwards around this and then turns around to take the "One kiss Tunnel" through the embankment.
Two more zig-zags through deep cuttings remain before Panorama Point is reached, and then the line bends back to Simpson's Tank and terminates at Matheran. It takes approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete the 21 km journey. CR plans to reduce this to 1 hour 30 minutes.
Neral Railway Station
Neral railway station is on 5 ft 6 in (1,676 mm) line from Mumbai to Chennai. The narrow gauge line starts from here.
Jummapatti Railway Station
Water Pipe Railway Station
Used for filling water in steam locomotives.
Aman Lodge Railway Station
Named after nearby lodge.
Matheran Railway Station
The last station
Matheran Hill Railway Operational Detail
Matheran Hill Railway Terminus: Matheran
Matheran Hill Railway Built by: Adamjee Peerbhoy
Matheran Hill Railway Operated by: Central Railways
Matheran Hill Railway Length: 21 km
Matheran Hill Railway Preserved Gauge: 2 ft (610 mm)
Matheran Hill Railway Opened: 1907

Matheran Hill Railway Headquarters: Neral

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