France Rail Pass - France Rail Passes

France Rail Passes - French Rail Passes

France's railway network, which stretches 29,473 kilometres (18,314 mi) as of 2008, is the second most extensive in Western Europe after Germany. It is operated by the SNCF, and high-speed trains include the Thalys, the Eurostar and TGV, which travels at 320 km/h (199 mph). The Eurostar, along with the Eurotunnel Shuttle, connects with the United Kingdom through the Channel Tunnel. Rail connections exist to all other neighbouring countries in Europe except Andorra. Intra-urban connections are also well developed, with most major cities having a metro system or tramway services complementing bus services.

Enjoy rail travel in France, where visitors can marvel at the vineyards in Champagne and spend a magical weekend in Disney Paris or the romantic city of Paris. Other popular routes bring you to these stunning landscapes: the lavender fields of Provence, Nice's coastal beauty of the Côte D'Azur and spectacular Mont Blanc of the French Alps.

SNCF operates all of France's national rail services including the high-speed TGV network. More than 800 high-speed SNCF trains depart every day. SNCF’s TGV trains carry over 100 million passengers every year.

Paris has 7 Main Train Stations

These Paris stations are the terminal stations of major lines (trains going beyond the Île-de-France region), and, except for Bercy, the suburban Transilien lines. Austerlitz, Saint-Lazare, Lyon and Nord are also stations on the RER network. All stations connect to stations of the Paris Métro.

Gare d'Austerlitz:
Trains to
central France, Toulouse and the Pyrenees
RER C, Lunéa night train

Gare de Bercy:
Trains to
southeastern France

Gare de l'Est:
Trains to
eastern France, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland
Transilien Line P, RER E (via Magenta station)

Gare de Lyon:
Trains to
southeastern France and Languedoc-Roussillon
TGV Sud-Est, TGV Rhône-Alpes and TGV Méditerranée, to Spain, Switzerland (TGV Lyria), TGV to Italy
RER A, RER D, Transilien Line R    (Visit also the famous Le Train Bleu (Art Deco Restaurant))

Gare Montparnasse:
Trains to
western France and southwestern France
TGV Ouest and LGV Atlantique, Transilien Line N

Gare du Nord:
Trains to
northern France
LGV Nord to Lille-Europe, Thalys to Belgium, TGV to the NetherlandsTGV to Germany, Eurostar to London
RER B, RER D, RER E (via Magenta station), Transilien Line H, Transilien Line K

Gare Saint-Lazare:
Trains to
Transilien Line J, Transilien Line L, RER E (via Haussmann–Saint-Lazare station)

Station Taxi & Station Shuttle to and from these French Train Stations

With 89 million international tourist arrivals in 2018, France is the world's top tourist destination, ahead of Spain (83 million) and the United States (80 million). However, it ranks third in tourism-derived income due to shorter duration of visits. The most popular tourist sites include (annual visitors): Eiffel Tower (6.2 million), Château de Versailles (2.8 million), Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle (2 million), Pont du Gard (1.5 million), Arc de Triomphe (1.2 million), Mont Saint-Michel (1 million), Sainte-Chapelle (683,000), Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg (549,000), Puy de Dôme (500,000), Musée Picasso (441,000), and Carcassonne (362,000)

Visit Paris

Paris is the capital city of France, is the third most visited city in the world. It has some of the world's largest and renowned museums, including the Louvre, which is the most visited art museum in the world, but also the Musée d'Orsay which, like the nearby Musée de l'Orangerie, is mostly devoted to impressionism, and Centre Georges Pompidou, dedicated to Contemporary art.

Paris hosts some of the world's most recognizable landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, which is the most-visited paid monument in the world, the Arc de Triomphe, the cathedral of Notre-Dame, or the Sacré-Cœur on Montmartre. The Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, located in Parc de la Villette, is the biggest science museum in Europe. Near Paris are located the Palace of Versailles, the former palace of the Kings of France, now a museum, and the medieval village of Provins. Both attractions are protected as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Visit French Riviera

With more than 10 million tourists a year, the French Riviera (French: Côte d'Azur), in Southeastern France, is the second leading tourist destination in the country, after the Parisian region.

According to the Côte d'Azur Economic Development Agency, it benefits from 300 days of sunshine per year, 115 kilometres (71 mi) of coastline and beaches, 18 golf courses and 3,000 restaurants. Each year the Côte d'Azur hosts 50% of the world's superyacht fleet, with 90% of all superyachts visiting the region's coast at least once in their lifetime.

Main cities on the French Riviera include Nice, Antibes and Cannes, Cap Ferrat is also a popular destination. Cannes hosts the annual Cannes Film Festival. Tourists often visit Port-Cros National Park, east of Toulon, as well as the city-state of Monaco, famous for its Monte Carlo Casino, near the Italian border.

Visit Provence

A large part of Provence, with Marseille as its leading city, was designed as the 2013 European Capital of Culture. Numerous famous natural sites can be found in the region, as the Gorges du Verdon, the Camargue, the Calanques National Park and the typical landscape of Luberon. Provence hosts dozens of renowned historical sites like the Pont du Gard, the Arles' Roman Monuments or the Palais des Papes in Avignon. Several smaller cities also attracts a lot of tourists, like Aix-en-Provence, La Ciotat or Cassis, on the Mediterranean Sea coastline.

Visit Loire Valley

Another major destination are the Châteaux (castles) of the Loire Valley. The French Revolution saw a number of the great French châteaux destroyed and many ransacked, their treasures stolen. The overnight impoverishment of many of the deposed nobility, usually after one of its members lost his or her head to the guillotine, saw many châteaux demolished. During World War I and World War II, some chateaux were commandeered as military headquarters. Some of these continued to be used this way after the end of the Second World War.

This World Heritage Site is noteworthy for the quality of its architectural heritage, in its historic towns such as Amboise, Angers, Blois, Chinon, Orléans, and Saumur, but in particular for its castles, such as the Châteaux d'Amboise, de Chambord, d'Ussé, de Villandry, de Chenonceau and de Montsoreau, which illustrate to an exceptional degree the ideals of the French Renaissance.

Visit French Alps

The French Alps are the portions of the Alps mountain range that stand within France, located in the Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur regions. While some of the ranges of the French Alps are entirely in France, others, such as the Mont Blanc massif, are shared with Switzerland and Italy.

More than 20 skiing resorts make it a popular destination among Europeans in the winter.

France Airports
There are 464 airports in France. Charles de Gaulle Airport, located in the vicinity of Paris, is the largest and busiest airport in the country, handling the vast majority of popular and commercial traffic and connecting Paris with virtually all major cities across the world. Air France is the national carrier airline, although numerous private airline companies provide domestic and international travel services.
France has long been a favourite destination for flights from all across the world. The reasons still exist - romantic cities, rugged north west coastlines, Mediterranean south coast, many wine growing regions, excellent food, and of course, winter sports in the Alps and the Pyrenees. The French island of Corsica is also well serviced with airports.
You will find flights to France being provided by major airlines, low-cost airlines, and due to the relatively short distances involved to some airports, some very small airlines. France, as a well-known tourist country, has developed a wide range of international airports. France counts 34 airports, with the main airports in Paris (Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris and Orly Airport Paris as those with the biggest traffic). However, in case you’re planning a ski holiday or visit to some smaller and less known places in the country, you should consider using some of the smaller airports like Nice or Toulouse.
Charles de Gaulle Airport is the country’s biggest international airport and the main hub of the Air France airline. The airport is situated 25 km northeast of the French capital. Getting to and from the airport is fast and easy. For its good connection to both other French regions but also international cities, this airport might be a right choice for you.
Paris Orly Airport is an alternative to the CDG airport, you can use the Paris Orly Airport which is Paris’s smaller south airport situated 13 km south of the city centre. It is the country’s busiest airport regarding the domestic traffic and second busiest in international traffic. The airport is well-linked to the city centre of Paris.
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport               Paris                CDG
Paris Orly Airport                                       Paris                ORY
Paris Beauvais Airport                              Paris                 BVA
Nice Côte d'Azur Airport                           Nice                  NCE
Marseille Airport                                        Marseille          MRS
Lille Airport                                                 Lille                   LIL
Strasbourg Airport                                    Strasbourg       SXB
Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport                      Lyon                  LYS
Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport     Corsica              AJA
Bastia – Poretta Airport                            Corsica              BIA
Figari South Corsica Airport                     Corsica              FSC
Toulon-Hyères Airport                              Toulon               TLN       
Montpellier Airport                                    Montpellier      MPL
Toulouse Blagnac Airport                         Toulouse           TLS
Biarritz Airport                                            Biarritz              BIQ
Bordeaux Mérignac Airport                      Bordeaux         BOD
Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport      Bergerac          EGC
Nantes Airport                                            Nantes              NTE
Brest Bretagne Airport                              Brest                 BES
Rennes Airport                                           Rennes              RNS
Bâle Mulhouse Airport                              Mulhouse         MLH
Réunion Roland Garros Airport               Réunion            RUN
Pointe-à-Pitre Airport                                Pointe-à-Pitre  PTP
Airport Taxi & Airport Shuttle to and from these French Airports
France Ferry Ports
There are ten major ports in France, the largest of which is in Marseille, which also is the largest bordering the Mediterranean Sea. 12,261 kilometres (7,619 mi) of waterways traverse France including the Canal du Midi, which connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean through the Garonne river.
There are large number of different French sea shipping companies offering ferry connections to France from a wide variety of different locations. The most popular French ferry operators for France are Euro Tunnel, Brittany Ferries, P&O FerriesManche Iles Express, Stena LineCondor Ferries and DFDS. On the Mediterranean sea there is Algerie Ferries, Corsica Ferries, La Meridionale.
There are many different France ferry ticket options for you to choose from - French ferry prices can vary due to times of the year, the number of passengers, what French ferry route you are taking, and if you are bringing your car with you.
List of Sea Ports in France (Sea ports in France)
With such extensive commercial activities going on around the year, the seaport ferry system of France is also highly developed. The large numbers of ferry ports in France, see's the country handle thousands of international & domestic ferry ships every year.
Port of Marseille - Port Authority: Marseille Fos Port Authority
Port of Dunkerque - Port Autonome de Dunkerque
Port of Brest - CCI de Brest
Port of Le Havre - Port Authority of Le Havre
Port of Calais - Port Authority: Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Calais,
Port of Caen - Port Authority: Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Caen
Port of Lorient - Port Authority: Morbihan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIM)
Port of Cherbourg - Port Authority: Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Cherbourg-Cotentin
Port of La Pallice - Port Authority: Port Autonome de La Rochelle
Port of Gennevilliers - Port Autonome de Paris
Port cities and towns on the French Atlantic coast
Mediterranean port cities and towns in France

France 1 Country Pass

Eurail France Pass (No Eurail France Pass - Only 2 Country or More)

Interrail France Pass (Interrail is a European Rail Pass for Europeans)

Eurail 2 Country Select Pass

France 2 Countries Pass

Discover France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Italy by train.

If you want to get a taste of 2 different cultures on a single trip, choose the Eurail Two Country Select Pass (previously called the Eurail Regional Pass).

This pass lets you discover 2 bordering European countries by train and offers the best value if you want to focus your adventure on a specific part of Europe

Eurail Select Pass

Eurail Select Pass

France 3 or 4 Countries Pass

Pick your itinerary and travel to three popular cities in Europe: Paris, Milan and Monaco or Barcelona.

Eurail Select Pass

Eurail 3 Country Select Pass

France 3 Countries Pass

Travel in 3 bordering countries in Europe.

Delve deeper into the culture, landscape, and everyday life of 1 region in Europe.

With the Eurail Three Country Select Pass you can narrow your trip to 3 bordering countries

Eurail Select Pass

Eurail 4 Country Select Pass

France 4 Countries Pass

Travel in 4 bordering countries in Europe.

Travel by train in 4 European countries with the Eurail Four Country Select Pass.

You can pick the 4 bordering countries you'd like to visit below.

Eurail Select Pass

Eurail Global Rail Pass 33 Countries Pass

Enjoy train travel in 33 countries with this one pass!

Eurail Global Pass

Interrail Global Rail Pass 33 Countries Pass

Enjoy train travel in 33 countries with this one pass!

Interrail Global Pass

Eurail Pass Benefits in France

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