Bosnia-Herzegovina Rail Pass - Bosnia-Herzegovina Rail Passes

Bosnia-Herzegovina Rail Pass - Bosnia-Herzegovina Rail Passes

Bosnia and Herzegovina or Bosna i Hercegovina / Босна и Херцеговина, , abbreviated BiH or B&H, sometimes called Bosnia–Herzegovina and often known informally as Bosnia, is a country at the crossroads of south and southeast Europe, located in the Balkans. The capital and largest city is Sarajevo. Tourism in Sarajevo is chiefly focused on historical, religious, and cultural aspects. Bosnia and Herzegovina borders Serbia to the east. Montenegro to the southeast, and Croatia to the north and southwest. It is not entirely landlocked, in the south it has a narrow coast on the Adriatic Sea within the Mediterranean, which is about 20 kilometres (12 miles) long and surrounds the town of Neum. Bosnia, which is the inland region of the country, has a moderate continental climate with hot summers and cold, snowy winters. In the central and eastern regions of the country, the geography is mountainous, in the northwest it is moderately hilly, and in the northeast it is predominantly flat. Herzegovina, which is the smaller, southern region of the country, has a Mediterranean climate and is mostly mountainous.

Međugorje has become one of the most popular pilgrimage sites for Christians in the world and has turned into Europe's third most important religious place, where each year more than 1 million people visit. It has been estimated that 30 million pilgrims have come to Međugorje since the reputed apparitions began in 1981. Since 2019, pilgrimages to Međugorje have been officially authorized and organized by the Vatican.

Bosnia has also become an increasingly popular skiing and Ecotourism destination. The mountains that hosted the winter olympic games of Bjelašnica, Jahorina and Igman are the most visited skiing mountains in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina remains one of the last undiscovered natural regions of the southern area of the Alps, with vast tracts of wild and untouched nature attracting adventurers and nature lovers. National Geographic named Bosnia and Herzegovina as the best mountain biking adventure destination for 2012. The central Bosnian Dinaric Alps are favored by hikers and mountaineers, as they contain both Mediterranean and Alpine climates. Whitewater rafting has become somewhat of a national pastime in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The primary rivers used for whitewater rafting in the country include the Vrbas, Tara, Drina, Neretva and Una. Meanwhile, the most prominent rivers are the Vrbas and Tara, as they both hosted The 2009 World Rafting Championship. The reason the Tara river is immensely popular for whitewater rafting is because it contains the deepest river canyon in Europe, the Tara River Canyon.

Huffington Post named Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country that boasts "the cleanest water and air in Europe, the greatest untouched forests, and the most wildlife. The best way to experience is the three rivers trip, which purls through the best the Balkans have to offer.

Railway operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina are successors of the Yugoslav Railways within the country boundaries following independence from Yugoslavia in March 1992. Today, they are operated by the Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ŽFBiH) in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and by Republika Srpska Railways (ŽRS) in Republika Srpska.

The two companies operating Railroad services in Bosnia and Herzegovina are:

Republika Srpska Railways (ŽRS) or Željeznice Republike Srpske / Жељезнице Републике Српске – ŽRS / ЖРС is the railway company of the Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The company, public and owned by the government of the Federation, was founded in 2001 by the fusion of some public enterprises with the company ŽHB or Željeznice Herceg-Bosne. The company operates 424 kilometres (263 mi) of railroad.

Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ŽFBH) or Željeznice Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine (ŽFBiH) is the railway company of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is one of the two rail companies of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company operates 608 km of railroad. The company, public and owned by the government of the Federation, was founded in 2001 by the fusion of some public enterprises with the company ŽHB or Željeznice Herceg-Bosne.

Air Transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo International Airport, also known as Butmir Airport, is the main international airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located 3.3 NM (6.1 km; 3.8 mi) southwest of the Sarajevo main railway station in the city of Sarajevo in the suburb of Butmir. Air transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina has international routes linking Dubrovnik, which is a major holiday destination, through Sarajevo, to Zagreb, Vienna, Brno and Prague.

National and International Bus Services in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina is well connected to other countries in Europe. The main bus station is in Sarajevo. The main provider of international bus connection in Bosnia & Herzegovina is Eurolines. There are routes to Croatia, Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Montenegro, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Serbia. Despite Bosnia & Herzegovina's geographical closeness to Serbia, there is only one bus a day, which takes more than 8 hours due to the lack of proper roads

Bosnia-Herzegovina 1 Country Pass

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Interrail Bosnia-Herzegovina Pass (Interrail is a European Rail Pass for Europeans)

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