Eurail 1 Country Bosnia-Herzegovina - Eurail One Country Bosnia-Herzegovina Pass - Eurail Bosnia-Herzegovina Pass

Eurail 1 Country Bosnia-Herzegovina Pass

Eurail One Country Bosnia-Herzegovina Pass

Eurail Bosnia-Herzegovina Passes

Eurail Bosnia-Herzegovina Pass allows access to a predominantly mountainous country. Bosnia-Herzegovina provides some of the best-value ski vacations in Europe.

The tourist department of Bosnia and Herzegovina indicated that the most attractive benefits experienced by visitors are - 1) the spirit of the people. 2) Cities across the country are well connected with intercity buses, and 3) major cities with the surrounding natural sites are easily reachable within a day.

More recently, the town of Visoko has experienced a staggering increase in tourist arrivals due to the alleged discovery of the Bosnian pyramids, attracting in excess of 10,000 tourists in the first weekend of June.

Bosnia-Herzegovina By Train

Bosnia-Herzegovina is slowly becoming a popular destination, is an amazing mix of history and natural landscape. With your Eurail pass, explore the diverse capital city of Sarajevo, try your hands at white water rafting and visit the magnificent Kravica waterfalls.

UPDATE 2017: There are currently no trains running on the line Zagreb-Sarajevo. It's unclear when this train will start running again. If you're planning to visit Bosnia-Herzegovina, you'll have to travel there by coach or bus or by rental car.

Train Types in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina Rail network

The most commonly traveled route is the scenic route from capital city Sarajevo to Mostar.

All international connections to Zagreb and Ploče (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia) and Budapest (Hungary) have been suspended.

Train Reservations

Reservations are required for travel within Bosnia-Herzegovina. You can book your seat locally at the train station for a fee of approximately €0.50. For international and night trains advance reservation may be required.

Bikes are not allowed on trains in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Rail Passes for Bosnia-Herzegovina

Eurail Global Pass

Have the freedom to explore Bosnia-Herzegovina and up to 33 other Eurail countries

Standard prices from €185

Bosnia-Herzegovina Quick Facts

Population: 4.5 million

Language: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian

Currency: Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark (BAM)

Dialing code: +387

Bosnia-Herzegovina 1 Country Pass

Eurail Bosnia-Herzegovina Pass (Eurail is a European Rail Pass for Non Europeans)

Interrail Bosnia-Herzegovina Pass (Interrail is a European Rail Pass for Europeans)

Eurail 2 Country Select Pass

Bosnia-Herzegovina 2 Countries Pass

Discover Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia by train.

If you want to get a taste of 2 different cultures on a single trip, choose the Eurail Two Country Select Pass (previously called the Eurail Regional Pass).

This pass lets you discover 2 bordering European countries by train and offers the best value if you want to focus your adventure on a specific part of Europe

Eurail Select Pass

Bosnia-Herzegovina 3 or 4 Countries Pass

Pick your itinerary and travel to three popular cities in Europe: Sarajevo, Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana

Eurail Select Pass

European East Pass

Make your way through picturesque scenery with unlimited train travel in Czech RepublicSlovakiaAustria and Hungary.

The European East Pass

Central Europe Triangle Pass

Discover some of the most popular destinations in Central Europe as you travel between Vienna, Prague and Budapest or Salzburg

The Central Europe Triangle Pass

Eurail 3 Country Select Pass

Bosnia-Herzegovina 3 Countries Pass

Travel in 3 bordering countries in Europe.

Delve deeper into the culture, landscape, and everyday life of 1 region in Europe.

With the Eurail Three Country Select Pass you can narrow your trip to 3 bordering countries

Eurail Select Pass

Eurail 4 Country Select Pass

Bosnia-Herzegovina 4 Countries Pass

Travel in 4 bordering countries in Europe.

Travel by train in 4 European countries with the Eurail Four Country Select Pass.

You can pick the 4 bordering countries you'd like to visit below

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Balkan Flexi Pass 7 Countries Pass

Visit Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey in first class.

Balkan Flexi Pass

Eurail Global Rail Pass 33 Countries Pass

Enjoy train travel in 33 countries with this one pass!

Eurail Global Pass

Interrail Global Rail Pass 33 Countries Pass

Enjoy train travel in 33 countries with this one pass!

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