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Lithuania, officially the Republic of Lithuania is a country in the Baltic region of Europe. It is one of three Baltic states and lies on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. Lithuania shares land borders with Latvia to the north, Belarus to the east and south, Poland to the south, and Russia to the southwest. It has a maritime border with Sweden to the west on the Baltic Sea. Lithuania covers an area of 65,300 km2 (25,200 sq mi), with a population of 2.8 million. Its capital and largest city is Vilnius. Other major cities are Kaunas and Klaipėda. Lithuanians belong to the ethno-linguistic group of the Balts and speak Lithuanian, one of only a few living Baltic languages.

There are two trains between Białystok in Poland and Kaunas on Saturday & Sunday. Friday has just one eastbound train to Kaunas, Monday has one westbound train to Białystok. The schedule means you can leave Warsaw Centralna around 13:00, change at Białystok for the onward train at 15:40 to reach Kaunas by 21:30 (with a one-hour time switch at the border, but no change of gauge or train), and there you could catch a train to Vilnius arriving 23:00. Westbound, you need to leave Vilnius not much after 06:00 to be on the 10:00 train from Kaunas to reach Białystok for 13:45 and change to reach Warsaw for 17:00. The other weekend train necessitates an overnight stay in Białystok. These trains do not enter Belarus.

There are three fast trains a day between Vilnius and Minsk in Belarus, taking under 3 hours, plus a couple of slow Russian trains taking over four hours. The Lithuanian railway company only lists its own trains on this route, check Russian Railways' English website for the full selection, but note that this only shows direct trains and can't grasp the concept of connections.

The trains from Russia twice a day connect the exclave of Kaliningrad to Vilnius (6 hours) then continue to Minsk then fan out to Moscow, St Petersburg and beyond. There's even a direct train to Sochi and Adler on the Black Sea coast near the border with Georgia. Westerners on any of these routes need a Belarus transit visa as well as their Russian visa.

From Latvia, there is no direct train service from Riga (although this may change once the Rail Baltica project is completed), but there are two trains from Daugavpils every Saturday and Sunday, with the second train from Daugavpils departing late enough to allow travel from Riga to Vilnius in a single day.

Lithuania by Ferry Boat

There are passenger/car ferries to Klaipeda from Sweden, Germany, Denmark operated by Lisco and Scandlines. However they do not run every day and are relatively slow.

Lithuania by Bus

Lithuania by Plane
Most airlines arrive at Vilnius International Airport, the main airport, and smaller seaside Palanga airport, while Ryanair lands in Kaunas International Airport .

Riga airport in Latvia is an attractive alternative for destinations in northern Lithuania.

Lithuania by train

Steeped in history and tradition, Lithuania is not to be missed when traveling through eastern Europe. From grand castles to picturesque lakes and lush forests, make sure it is part of your itinerary!


Population: 2.8 million

Language: Lithuanian

Currency: Euro

Dialing code: +370


Eurail Lithuania Pass

The Eurail Lithuania Pass let's you discover the highlights of Lithuania like Vilnius, Klaipêda and the coastal village of Nida.


Eurail Global Pass

The Eurail Global Pass is the flexible and budget-friendly way to get around up to 33 countries in Europe. Travel by train from one cool destination to the next. One day you're on a pub crawl through Amsterdam and the next you are white-water rafting in Interlaken, Switzerland.


Domestic trains

Trains in Lithuania are mainly operated by AB 'LG Keleiviams'.

Vilnius Railway Station is the largest station in the country, and the main hub for rail traffic.

There is a direct train connection from Vilnius airport to this central station 18 times a day, which takes 8 minutes and costs €0.70.

Other large stations in LIthuania are in Klaipéda, Radviliškis and Kaunas.

Eurail Passes are not valid on the buses or trams.

Travel times in Lithuania:

Route Travel time

Vilnius to Kaunas 1hr 34min

Vilnius to Klaipéda 4hr 10min

Vilnius to Siauliai 2hr 33min

For more information about train routes in Lithuania, please check the website of the Lithuanian Railways.


Reservations are not mandatory to travel by train in Lithuania. However, reservations for the route Vilnius - Klaipeda are highly recommended due to high demand.


What is included:

Vilnius - Klaipėda

Drinks and snacks

Vilnius - Klaipėda- Nida

(Pajūrio ekspresas)

Drinks and snacks, bus transfer from Klaipėda to Nida

Vilnius - Klaipėda- Palanga

(Pajūrio ekspresas)

Drinks and snacks, bus transfer from Klaipėda to Palanga

How to book a reservation:

At the train station in Lithuania.

International trains from Lithuania:

Kaunas - Bialystok (Poland)

This trip takes on average 4hr 30 min.

This line runs on Saturday, Sunday and Monday only. Bikes and luggage can be carried on-board, space permitting. There is a 35kg limit on luggage, but you can purchase extra luggage allowance.

Vilnius - Daugavpils (Latvia)

From Daugavpils you can change to a Latvian train to Riga.

Other international routes take you to Belarus. However, this country is not covered by the pass. If you want to take a train to Belarus, you will have to buy full fare tickets at the station in Lithuania, you can not use your Pass to travel on this train.


Lithuania 1 Country Pass

Eurail Lithuania Pass (Eurail is a European Rail Pass for Non Europeans)

Interrail Lithuania Pass (Interrail is a European Rail Pass for Europeans)

Eurail 2 Country Select Pass

Lithuania 2 Countries Pass

Discover Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia by train.

If you want to get a taste of 2 different cultures on a single trip, choose the Eurail Two Country Select Pass (previously called the Eurail Regional Pass).

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Lithuania 3 or 4 Countries Pass

Pick your itinerary and travel to three popular cities in Europe: Sarajevo, Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana

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European East Pass

Make your way through picturesque scenery with unlimited train travel in Czech RepublicSlovakiaAustria and Hungary.

The European East Pass

Central Europe Triangle Pass

Discover some of the most popular destinations in Central Europe as you travel between Vienna, Prague and Budapest or Salzburg

The Central Europe Triangle Pass

Eurail 3 Country Select Pass

Lithuania 3 Countries Pass

Travel in 3 bordering countries in Europe.

Delve deeper into the culture, landscape, and everyday life of 1 region in Europe.

With the Eurail Three Country Select Pass you can narrow your trip to 3 bordering countries

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Eurail 4 Country Select Pass

Lithuania 4 Countries Pass

Travel in 4 bordering countries in Europe.

Travel by train in 4 European countries with the Eurail Four Country Select Pass.

You can pick the 4 bordering countries you'd like to visit below

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Balkan Flexi Pass 7 Countries Pass

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Eurail Global Rail Pass 33 Countries Pass

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Interrail Global Rail Pass 33 Countries Pass

Enjoy train travel in 33 countries with this one pass!

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