Metro de Huancayo

Metro de Huancayo

The Huancayo Metro is a metropolitan railway project . Its operation, was estimated for the first half of 2013, as announced in October 2012, by Mayor Dimas Aliaga , jointly with Juan de Dios Olaechea, president of the Central Railroad, but due to bureaucratic inconveniences the work was paralyzed in October 2013 .

It is a railway with an initial extension of 7 km. that communicates the area of ​​Chilca, the center of the city of
Huancayo and Tambo, seven stations and seven level crossings are planned.

The cost of the project would be about US $ 15 million.

History of the Metro de Huancayo

The project was announced in July 2012, defining the route and the works to be carried out. On October 20, the first six autovagons of 18 meters long and 150 passengers capacity were presented at the port of Callao, which will perform the service, while the official presentation with the assistance of Prime Minister Juan Jiménez Mayor was made on November 14. in the Monserrate Station of the Central Andean Railway, in the city of Lima.

On December 2, 2013, the complementary works to the roads by the
Municipality of Huancayo began.

Stages of Construction of the Metro de Huancayo

In a first stage, the Metro will travel about 7 kilometers. Depart from Chilca, pass through Huancayo to the district of El Tambo and vice versa. For the second stage, the works are expected to begin in March 2014, it is expected to connect Huancayo with Jauja , in a stretch of almost 42 kilometers. 4

There will also be 4 light rail lines and 1 regional commuter line.

Stations of the Metro de Huancayo

First Stations

The Subway of Huancayo in its section of urban route, includes the following stations:
  • Chilca (FCCA Station)
  • Huancayo Station
  • Los Andes
  • Huáscar
  • Mariátegui
  • Evitamiento
  • UNCP (El Tambo)
Second Stations

The second stage considers a suburban section between the city of Huancayo and the province of Jauja, covering eight stations and almost 50 km. This important section between Huancayo and Jauja includes the following stations:
  • Huancayo
  • El Tambo, estación de intercambio donde se ubica la Universidad Nacional del Centro del Perú,
  • San Agustin de Cajas
  • San Jerónimo de Tunán
  • Concepción
  • Matahuasi,
  • Estación Aeropuerto Francisco Carlé
  • Jauja

Metro de Huancayo 

Metro de Huancayo Local Name: Metro Wanka
Metro de Huancayo Location: Huancayo, Peru
Metro de Huancayo City Area: City of Huancayo
Metro de Huancayo Track Width: Meter
Metro de Huancayo Length: 7 km
Metro de Huancayo Stations: 7
Metro de Huancayo Owner: Central Andean Railway
Locally: Ferrocarril Central Andino
Metro de Huancayo Lines: 1

Metro de Huancayo Route Map

Los Andes

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