Ranger and Rover Tickets

Ranger and Rover Tickets

Get fantastic discounts and see more of Great Britain with a Ranger or Rover ticket

About Ranger and Rover Tickets

Most Train Companies offer a selection of Ranger and Rover tickets. These are great value tickets that offer unlimited travel within a specified area and time period.

Rangers are Valid for 1 day.
  • Rovers are valid for more than 1 day in a limited time period. For example: travel for any 3 consecutive days, for any 4 days within an 8-day period, or 8 days within a 15-day period.
  • Rangers and Rovers are normally offered for a specific geographical area. They are perfect for exploring, with the freedom to make as many stops as you want. They may also include local bus travel, and there are often other offers and discounts available. Many Rangers and Rovers also have a First Class option.
  • See our full list of Ranger and Rover tickets, or check with your train company for more information.
Are there restrictions on Ranger and Rover tickets?

Yes, depending on which one you choose. There may be restrictions on the times that you can use your ticket or on the days that you can travel within a certain time period.

Can I get a discount on a Ranger or Rover ticket?

Yes, there are lots of discounts available on many Ranger and Rover tickets. Please check with your train company to check which ones they offer.

Discounts can include:
  • 50% off fares for a child aged 5 to 15.
  • 50% off fares with a 16-17 Saver Railcard.
  • 1/3 off fares with a Railcard.
Ranger and Rover Tickets FAQs

Can I claim compensation or a refund for my Ranger or Rover ticket?
  • With compensation, there is not a lot of difference between holding a ticket such as an Off-Peak Day Return and a geographically defined ticket like a Ranger or Rover. If your ticket is valid for a journey and you are delayed on that journey beyond the compensation trigger for the train company you are travelling with, you are entitled to claim compensation.
  • As Rover and Ranger tickets are valid for multiple journeys, the way compensation is calculated for them is slightly different.
Ranger and Rover Tickets Step 1

The compensation is based on the fare of an equivalent Anytime or Off-Peak ticket for the journey you have made (depending on the validity of the Rover or Ranger held) then paid in line with normal compensation thresholds.
  • 12.5% of an Anytime Day Return fare for 15-29 minutes delay.
  • 25% of an Anytime Day Return fare for 30-59 minutes delay.
  • 50% of an Anytime Day Return fare for 60+ minutes.
The amount that results from step 1 above is capped up to a maximum as calculated in step 2:

Ranger and Rover Tickets Step 2

Compensation is then divided by the number of days validity of a Rover - in other words a 14 day Rover is divided by 28 'Singles' and then compensation calculated accordingly.
  • 25% of 1/28 for 15-29 minutes delay.
  • 50% of 1/28 for 30-59 minutes delay.
  • 100% of 1/28 for 60+ minutes delay.
So, if you had a Rover ticket that cost £50 and is valid for 3 days, that equals 6 journeys at £8.34 per journey. If the journey you are making is delayed by 22 minutes, triggering compensation, the compensation you would be paid is £2.09 (25% of £8.34).

Compensation claims must be made for each individual journey you are delayed on, and the same ticket details used for each claim.

Why are Rover and Season ticket refunds calculated differently?

Season tickets are valid for multiple days, and for unlimited journeys at any time of day, between 2 points, or within a defined geographical area. Because of the flexibility they offer, Season tickets are mostly bought and used by commuters traveling to and from their place of work. The value of a Season Ticket is calculated against travelling 5 days a week, or multiples thereof (in the case of monthly or longer Season tickets), at anytime, so when calculating compensation, we divide the value of the Season ticket against this formula:
  • 7-Day Season Ticket = 10 single journeys.
  • Monthly Season Ticket = 40 single journeys.
  • Annual Season Ticket = 464 single journeys.
Rover tickets are created for and used by leisure travelers who are more likely to travel each day that their Rover is valid for. For that reason, we base the number of single journeys in compensation calculations on the actual number of days it is valid for, rather than the number of days it is likely to be used for.

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