UK Flexi Season Tickets

Flexi Season Tickets

If you need a flexible way to make a regular journey and save money - get a Flexi Season ticket

About Flexi Season Tickets
  • A Flexi Season ticket gives you any 8 days of travel in 28 days, at any time. And you don’t need to choose the days in advance.
So, if you are working from home some days, and commuting to the office on others, it could be a good choice. If you travel more frequently, then a Season ticket might be right for you.
  • Flexi Season tickets offer a minimum of 20% discount on an equivalent monthly Season ticket.
  • And can be stored either on a Smartcard or as an eTicket you show on your smartphone.
  • You must activate a day pass within your ticket before you travel.
  • Use our Season Ticket Calculator to see how much you could save.
Buying a Flexi Season Tickets
  • You can purchase a Flexi Season ticket online or at some ticket offices, and store it on your Smartcard or as an eTicket on your smartphone.
  • Check with your train company to see which option is available for your journey, and find out more about Smartcards here.
  • Flexi Season tickets are only available for Standard Class travel, not for First Class.
Using a Flexi Season Tickets

You can use your Flexi Season ticket at any time, in both Peak and Off-Peak periods. You must always activate a day’s worth of travel before you board your train. To do this, you can touch in on the ticket gate reader, platform validator or (in some cases) self-service ticket machine. Alternatively, you can activate your pass in the National Rail Smartcard Manager app.
  • Download the National Rail Smartcard Manager app for your Apple device
  • Download the National Rail Smartcard Manager app for your Android device
  • If you lose or forget your Smartcard with your Flexi Season ticket on, you will need to purchase a new ticket to make your journey.
  • Contact your Flexi Season ticket retailer for more information.
Flexi Season Ticket Restrictions
  • Flexi Season tickets can be used on any train company’s services, between your start and end stations.
  • Unless it is for a specified train company only.
  • If it is, this will be stated when you purchase it.
Further Information On Flexi Season Tickets

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