UK Anytime Tickets

UK Anytime Tickets

Travel Whenever You Want With An Anytime ticket

Anytime tickets are fully flexible, with no time restrictions on when you can travel.

About Anytime Tickets

You can buy Anytime tickets at any time before you travel, and you can use your Anytime ticket to travel on any train on the route shown. You can also break your journey at stations along the route.

Anytime tickets have no restrictions on what time you can travel. Anytime Singles allow you to travel within 2 days of the date shown on your ticket. Most Anytime Returns are valid for 5 days from the date shown on the 'outward' portion, and the for 1 calendar month on the 'return' portion. Some Anytime Return tickets may have a different validity period which will be made clear on the ticket itself and at the point of purchase.
  • Anytime Day Single and Anytime Day Return tickets are only valid on the date shown.
  • You can buy these tickets at any time before you travel.
Discounts On Anytime Tickets

There Are Lots Of Discounts Available:
  1. For a child aged 5 to 15, a discount of 50% applies to all Anytime fares.
  2. If you have a 16-17 Saver Railcard, you can get 50% off adult Anytime fares.
  3. If you have any National Railcard you can get 1/3 off Standard Class Anytime fares.
Please note that minimum fares and time restrictions may apply to tickets bought with some Railcards.Changing Or Getting A Refund For Anytime Tickets
  1. Your ticket is refundable (with no admin fee) if the service you planned to travel on is delayed or cancelled, and you choose not to travel.
  2. If you choose to travel on a different day, not covered by your original ticket, there is no admin fee to get a refund and rebook your ticket.
  3. If you choose to cancel your journey entirely, for a reason other than delay or cancellation, you can get a refund.
  4. But you may be charged an admin fee of no more than £10.
  • To cancel your ticket and get a refund, you should return the ticket to the retailer you bought it from.
  • Tickets purchased from self-service vending machines at unstaffed stations should provide information on how to refund a ticket.
Seat Reservations With Anytime Tickets
  1. Reservations are not compulsory with Anytime tickets.
  2. But you are able to make seat reservations online, at stations, over the phone, or at Rail Appointed Travel Agents.
  3. They are normally free of charge if made at the same time you buy your ticket.
  4. Reservations are recommended on busy services and for longer journeys.
Further Information On Anytime Tickets
  • Full details can be found in the Anytime ticket and the Anytime Day ticket terms and conditions.
More On Ticket Types

Anytime tickets Not Right For You?

Find Out About Different Ticket Types Below.
Anytime Tickets FAQs

When Can I use My Anytime Ticket?
  • You can use your Anytime ticket to travel on any train on the route shown, at any time of day.
Can I Change Or Get A Refund For My Anytime Ticket?
  • You can usually change your Anytime ticket with no admin fee.
  • But you may be charged a fee of no more than £5 if you request a refund for anything other than your journey being cancelled or delayed.
  • Please visit our Changing, Cancelling and Getting a Refund For Tickets page for more details.
Can I Use My Railcard To Get A Discount On Anytime Tickets?
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