Food and Drink on a Train

Food and Drink on a Train

Enjoy Our Onboard Catering Services, Or Bring Your Own Food

Enjoying a meal while you watch the world go by, it is one of the best things about train travel, whether you bring your own snack or treat yourself to something onboard.

Many Train Companies have onboard catering facilities. These can include trolley services, counter buffet services and restaurant cars. The longer the journey, the more likely that there will be food and drink available on board.

You are always welcome to bring your own food too. Why not have a little picnic onboard! Or share a birthday cake with friends!

Food And Drink On Your Train

For more information about food and drink available on your train, select a train company below. You can also find additional information about catering on your specific journey using the Journey Planner.The following Train Companies and services do not offer onboard catering:Food And Drink On A Train Travel Tips

  • Take care with hot drinks
  • Feel free to bring your own food
  • Treat yourself
Do Not
  • Leave wrappers and other packaging behind
  • Get carried away when consuming alcohol
  • Bring very smelly food on your journey - leave that wedge of Stinking Bishop at home!
Food And Drink On A Train FAQs

Can I Bring My Own Food And Drink On The Train?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drink on the train.

Can I Drink Alcohol On The Train?

Yes, in general you can bring and consume alcohol on trains, except those managed by Transport for London. But some Train Companies will run alcohol-free services, so check before you travel. And remember, antisocial behaviour is not permitted at any time.

What Food And Drink Is Available On Trains?

Select a train company above to find information about their food and drink. For information about food and drink on a specific train, check the Journey Planner.

Is There Vegetarian And Vegan Food On Trains?

Yes. All Train Companies with catering services have a vegetarian and/or vegan option. To find out more, please check with your train company.

I Have A Food Allergy, Can I Still Buy Food On The Train?

A list of allergen ingredients will always be available from the train company, but we cannot say that anything is ''free from'' any allergen, only that it does not contain that allergen as an ingredient. Please check with your train company for more information about their menu and allergy-friendly food, and any other dietary requirements.

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