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Arriva Denmark
Arriva Bus
  • In September 1997, Arriva purchased Unibus. During March 1999, Arriva Denmark expanded with the acquisition of Bus Danmark. In April 2001, Arriva acquired Denmark's largest bus operator, Combus, along with its 1,200 vehicles. In August 2004, Arriva purchased Wulff, which operated buses in Jutland and Copenhagen.
  • In 2007, Arriva acquired Veolia Denmark, then Denmark's second largest bus operator with 640 buses. Arriva operates 50% of bus services in Copenhagen and 40% throughout Denmark.
Arriva Train
  • In mid-2002, Arriva began to operate services on the Varde to Nørre Nebel line. In March 2012, Arriva was awarded an extension to this franchise through to June 2018.
  • During 2003, Arriva began operating an eight-year contract to operate services in mid Jutland. In March 2009, Arriva was awarded an extension through to December 2018. At one point, Arriva operated 17% of all services on the Danish rail network.
Arriva Waterbus
  • In 2000, Arriva began operating waterbuses in Copenhagen's harbour.
Arriva Hungary
Arriva Bus
  • In April 2008, Arriva purchased an 80% shareholding in Eurobus Invest, Hungary's largest private bus operator, which operates services in Hungary and Slovakia. In 2009, Arriva purchased the remaining 20%. Arriva is in a joint venture with Videoton Holding operating as VT Transman.
  • During May 2013, VT Transman began operating two bus contracts in Budapest for eight years, this arrangement saw 150 Mercedes-Benz Citaros added to the company's 225-strong bus fleet. The joint venture now operates under the VT-Arriva brand.
Arriva Italy
Arriva Bus and Coach
  • In July 2002, Arriva purchased SAB Autoservizi and SAF – Società Autoservizi Friuli-Venezia Giulia operating in Lombardy, Liguria and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions of northern Italy.
  • During May 2004, Arriva expanded into the Udine area of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region via the purchase of 49% of 500 bus SAF, it exercised an option in December 2005 to increase its stake to 60%. In October 2005, Arriva began operating in the Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta regions of northern Italy with an 80% shareholding in SADEM, increased to 100% in 2008. During 2006, Arriva purchased a 35% share in Trieste Trasporti, which increased to 40% in 2007.
  • In June 2007, Arriva entered a joint venture with Ferrovie Nord Milano to purchase 49% of 317 bus SPT Linea, which was then renamed ASF Autolinee.
  • During 2008, it took control of Brescia-based SAIA Transporti.
Arriva Netherlands
Arriva Bus and Coach
  • In January 1998, Arriva purchased Vancom Nederland, it was followed by Veonn & Hanze in December 1998.
  • During June 1999, it formed a joint venture with Nederlandse Spoorwegen to operate bus services in Friesland, four years later, Arriva took full ownership, after which it was renamed Arriva Openbaar Vervoer.
  • In 2003, Arriva won further work in Drenthe and Province of Groningen. It was awarded further contracts in 2005 in Drenthe and Waterland and later in the Drechtsteden, Alblasserwaard, Rivierenland, Meierij, Oost-Brabant, and Vijfheerenlanden areas. During 2009, Arriva lost the contracts in Drenthe and Groningen upon retendering yet, in 2010, won a contract in Achterhoek and retained the Rivierenland contract. From December 2012, Arriva won the contract for South Holland North, around Leiden, Alphen aan den Rijn and Gouda and in Friesland around Leeuwarden.
  • During December 2016, it acquired most of Limburg's bus and train systems.
Arriva Contracts
Name From Until
Rivierenland 1 Jan 3 11 Dec 10
Waterland 11 Dec 5 10 Dec 11
Drechtsteden / Alblasserwaard / Vijfheerenlanden 1 Jan 7 31 Dec 18
Hoeksche Waard / Goeree-Overflakkee 1 Jan 8 15 Dec 14
Meierij 10 Dec 6 9 Dec 14
Oost-Brabant 10 Dec 6 9 Dec 14
Ameland 1 Mar 9 31 Dec 15
Schiermonnikoog 1 Mar 9 31 Dec 15
Terschelling 1 Mar 9 31 Dec 15
Vlieland 1 Mar 9 31 Dec 15
Achterhoek / Rivierenland 12 Dec 10 1 Jan 21
Lelystad / Flevoland 4 Sep 11 4 Sep 21
North and Southwest Friesland 9 Dec 12 12 Dec 20
South Holland Noord 9 Dec 12 12 Dec 20
Limburg 11 Dec 16 12 Dec 31
Arriva Train
  • During 1999, Arriva established NoordNed as a joint venture company with the Dutch state-owned passenger rail company Nederlandse Spoorwegen. In 2003, the company took full ownership of the former joint venture, opting to drop the NoordNed branding two years later. During 2005, Arriva was awarded a 15-year contract to operate trains from Groningen to Leeuwarden, Delfzijl, Roodeschool and Nieuweschans.
  • It also secured a contract to operate trains from Leeuwarden to Harlingen Haven and to Stavoren. Later that year, it secured a contract to operate trains from Dordrecht to Gorinchem and on to Geldermalsen (MerwedeLingelijn).
  • In 2012, Arriva commenced operating trains in the Achterhoek and between Zwolle and Emmen, these services operate under the Spurt brand.
  • On 21 June 2013, Arriva was selected to operate a new service between The Hague and Brussels. Service was set to start in December 2015, but the project was cancelled in 2014 because the involved parties could not agree upon a final business case and because NS reactivated the original service to Brussels, which made the new Arriva service unnecessary.
  • During December 2016, Arriva acquired the majority of Limburg's bus and train systems.
Arriva Contracts
Name From Until
Groningen / Friesland 11 Dec 5   13 Dec 20 12 Dec 20   15 Dec 35
Merwede-Lingelijn 1 Jan 7   31 Dec 18  
North and Southwest Friesland 9 Dec 12   11 Dec 27  
Gelderland / Achterhoek 9 Dec 12   1 Jan 21  
Zwolle-Emmen 9 Dec 12   1 Jan 21  
Limburg 11 Dec 16   12 Dec 31  
Arriva Bus and Train Combination
The Province of Limburg awarded a contract in June 2015 to Arriva to provide for the entire public transport (buses and five regional rail lines) in Limburg from December 2016 up until 2031. Abellio has originally been named the preferred bidder, but after it was discovered Abellio had gained some information that was not available to the other bidders, the contract was withdrawn. Another tenderer, Veolia, announced they will object to the decision of the province.
Arriva Overview
Arriva Type: Subsidiary
Arriva Traded As: Arriva
Arriva Industry: Transport
Arriva Founded: 1938, 85 years ago
Arriva Founder: Thomas Cowie
Arriva Headquarters: Sunderland, England, UK
Arriva Area Served: Europe
Arriva Key People: Mike Cooper (CEO)
Arriva Services: Bus, ferry and rail services
Arriva Revenue: €5.35 billion (December 2017)
Arriva Operating Income: €569 million (December 2017)
Arriva Owner: Deutsche Bahn
Arriva Number of Employees: 61,845 (September 2018)
Arriva Divisions:
Arriva UK Bus
Arriva UK Trains
Mainland Europe
Arriva Subsidiaries: List of subsidiaries
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Luxury Trains
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