Sheffield Supertram - Sheffield Supertram Rolling Stock - D

Sheffield Supertram - D
Sheffield Supertram Rolling Stock
Sheffield Supertram Current Fleet
Stagecoach Supertram operates the following fleet across the network:
  • Siemens-Duewag Supertram   Tram
Blue, Purple, Yellow
1992   1994–present
  • Stadler Citylink (Class 399)   Tram-train
Blue, Purple, Tram-train, Yellow
2014-2015   2017–present
  • Siemens-Duewag Supertram
The network operates 25 three car trams built by Siemens-Duewag of Düsseldorf, Germany, in 1992. The trams are 40% low floor design, the vehicles have been specially designed for gradients as steep as 10%. In the 1980s a design choice was taken to create the longest possible vehicle to avoid multiple working which resulted in a 34.8-metre (114 ft) design, the third-longest tram design in operation in Europe at the time and the longest in service in the UK until the 42.8-metre (140 ft) long Edinburgh Trams were introduced.
Launched in an initial light grey livery, following the awarding of the operating franchise to Stagecoach the trams were reliveried in Stagecoach's corporate livery from 1997. From 2006 the trams were refurbished, and a new dedicated Supertram blue–based livery was launched, with the entire fleet completed in early 2009.
  • Stadler Citylink (Class 399)
Stadler supplied seven tram-train vehicles, delivered between November 2015 and November 2016.
Sheffield Supertram Infrastructure
Sheffield Supertram Track
The network is 29 km (18 miles) long, with 60 km (37 miles) of track. It features two types of track, tramway track where either pedestrians or road traffic share the right of way and ballasted railway track when there are no such requirements.
Tramway track consists of a grooved tramway rail set into a concrete base with troughs into which the rails are laid. Most of the track is on-street using 35G-section grooved tram rail, with BS11-80A 80 lb/yd (39.7 kg/m) flat-bottom rail elsewhere. The railway track was supplied by British Steel Corporation Track Products of Workington and laid on sleepers consisting of concrete blocks with steel ties which gives a spring feeling when travelling on these sections. The track is laid on a bed of ballast which in turn rests on a prepared formation. Street crossings are usually laid with grooved tramway rails.
There are some major structures. Two viaducts carry Supertram onto Park Square (a major road junction in the centre of the city), one of them being a six-span viaduct, the other the bowstring steel arch Park Square Bridge. An underpass takes the tram underneath the busy A57 roundabout outside the University of Sheffield.
Tram Stop Design
The Supertram has 50 tram stops, which are generally 26.5 m (87 ft) long and 3 m (9.8 ft) deep and are of a network-wide standard making them easy to understand and use. The design incorporates recommendations made by the Cranfield Institute of Technology who studied ergonomics for both able-bodied and disabled users.
The platforms are 37.5 cm (14.8 inches) high, with a 1:20 slope. The platform edge comprises a 60 cm (24-inch) wide light-coloured textured paving with strips of 40 cm (16 inches) wide edge warning tactile strip. Directional guidance tactile paving crosses the width of the platform to coincide with the tram door locations.
Sheffield Supertram Power Supply
Supertram is powered through 12 electric substations and fed through 107 mm2 (0.166 sq in) cross-section overhead line equipment (OHLE) wire. The substations convert the 11 kV AC supply into 750 V DC supply into the overhead.
The 12 substations are situated as follows:
Blackburn Meadows
Nunnery Square
Park Square
Gleadless Townend
Crystal Peaks, Ochre Dyke Lane
Halfway, Eckington Way
University, Brook Hill
Langsett Road, Capel Street
The overhead line equipment depends on the location. If the tracks are close together, central poles with 'steady' arms on each side are used. If the tracks are further apart, poles on either side with span wire are used. With aesthetics in mind, a minimum number of traction poles are used and whenever possible the wire is anchored onto neighbouring buildings, and blended into the structures as far as possible, after talks between Supertram, the City Council and landlords.
The contact wires are twin cadmium copper ones, twin wires being necessary because of the high installed power rating of the trams (1 megawatt). The regenerative braking on the tram feeds current back into the wires.
Sheffield Supertram Depot
There is a single depot, located at Nunnery Square, which occupies former carriage sidings alongside the Sheffield to Lincoln railway line. It was designed and constructed by Balfour Beatty on 2.6 hectares (6.4 acres) of land and consists of a three-line workshop building, six stabling sidings, a turning loop, engineers sidings and sundry equipment.
Before the arrival of Supertram, the site was already dedicated to the railway industry. Nunnery engine shed filled most of the site whilst lines of the Midland Railway, Great Central Railway and London & North Eastern Railway irrigated the area and served collieries.
Sheffield Supertram Overview
Sheffield Supertram Owner: South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
Sheffield Supertram Area Served:
South Yorkshire
Derbyshire (bypass)
Sheffield Supertram Transit Type:
Light rail
Sheffield Supertram Number of Lines: 4
Sheffield Supertram Number of Stations: 50
Sheffield Supertram Annual Ridership:
8.4 million (2022/23)
Sheffield Supertram Increase: 21.7%
Sheffield Supertram Chief Executive: Tim Bilby
Sheffield Supertram Headquarters:
Nunnery Depot
Woodbourn Road
S9 3LS
Sheffield Supertram Operation:
Sheffield Supertram Began Operation: 21 March 1994, 29 years ago
Sheffield Supertram Operator(s): Stagecoach
Sheffield Supertram umber of Vehicles:
25 Siemens-Duewag Supertram
7 Class 399 Stadler Citylink
Sheffield Supertram System Length: 34.6 km (21.5 mi)
Sheffield Supertram Track Gauge: 4 ft 8+1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Sheffield Supertram Electrification: 750 V DC overhead line
Sheffield Supertram Top Speed: 55 mph (89 km/h)
Sheffield Supertram Map
Leppings Lane
Hillsborough Park
Malin Bridge
Bamforth Street
Langsett/Primrose View
Infirmary Road
Netherthorpe Road
Brook Hill Underpass
University of Sheffield
West Street
City Hall
Castle Square
Fitzalan Square/Ponds Forge
Park Square Bridge
Viaduct alongside Sheffield Parkway
Hyde Park
Cricket Inn Road
Nunnery Square
Woodburn Road
Arena/Olympic Legacy Park
Valley Centertainment
Meadowhall South/Tinsley
Meadowhall Interchange
Rotherham Central
Sheffield Station/Sheffield Hallam University
Granville Road/The Sheffield College
Viaduct over Norfolk Park Road
Park Grange Croft
Park Grange
Arbourthorne Road
Spring Lane
Manor Top/Elm Tree
Gleadless Townend
Herdings/Leighton Road
Herdings Park
White Lane
Birley Lane
Birley Moor Road
Donetsk Way
Moss Way
Crystal Peaks
Beighton/Drakehouse Lane
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