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Manchester Metrolink Infrastructure
Manchester Metrolink Lines
As of August 2022, Metrolink has a network length of 64 miles (103 km) and 99 stops - along eight lines which radiate from a "central triangular junction at Piccadilly Gardens which forms the hub of the Metrolink system" in Zone 1.
The lines are: the Airport Line (which terminates at Manchester Airport), the Altrincham Line (which terminates in Altrincham), the Bury Line (which terminates in Bury), the East Manchester Line (which terminates in Ashton-under-Lyne), the Eccles Line (which terminates in Eccles), the Oldham and Rochdale Line (which terminates in Rochdale), the South Manchester Line (which terminates in East Didsbury), and the Trafford Park Line (which terminates at the Trafford Centre).
Current Metrolink Lines and Zones
  • Airport Line
3 November 2014
On and off-street[a]   12 minute
Barlow Moor Road   Manchester Airport
  • Altrincham Line
15 June 1992
Converted railway track   6 minute
(less before Trafford Bar)
Cornbrook   Altrincham
  • Bury Line
6 April 1992
6 minute
Queens Road   Bury
  • Zone 1
27 April 1992
On and off-street   6 minute or less
Victoria   Cornbrook or New Islington
  • East Manchester Line
11 February 2013   6 minute
Holt Town   Ashton-under-Lyne
  • Eccles Line
6 December 1998
12 minute
(6 minute before Harbour City)
Pomona   Eccles
  • MediaCityUK spur[b]
3 September 2010
Off-street   12 minute
  • Oldham and Rochdale Line
13 June 2012
Converted railway track   12 minute
(6 minute before Shaw and Crompton)
Monsall Rochdale Town Centre
  • South Manchester Line
Converted railway bed   6 minute
(4 minute before St Werburgh's Road)
Firswood   East Didsbury
  • Trafford Park Line
22 March 2020
On and off-street   12 minute
Wharfside   Trafford Centre
^ The line crosses the Mersey by a new bridge near Jackson's Boat and runs over the floodplain alongside Rifle Road.
^ Follows the Eccles line routes from Piccadilly before turning off at Harbour City to MediaCityUK
Manchester Metrolink Tram Stops
There are 99 tram stops on Metrolink, as of 2023. Low-floor platforms commonly used for light rail throughout the world were ruled out for Metrolink because the system inherited 90-centimetre (35 in) high-floor platforms from British Rail on lines formerly used for heavy rail. The first stops on the Bury Line and Altrincham Line, opened in phase one, were formerly railway stations and were changed little from British Rail days, as available funding only allowed minimum upgrades to be made. When the Oldham and Rochdale Line was converted from a railway, however, all of the former railway stations were completely rebuilt.
Some stops, such as Cornbrook, are shared between lines, and may be used as interchange stations, others, such as Altrincham Interchange, or Ashton-under-Lyne are transport hubs that integrate with heavy rail and bus stations.
Metrolink stops are unstaffed. Each contains at least two ticket vending machines (except for Pomona, which only has one). Card readers are installed on all stop platforms for use with contactless pay-as-you-go, the TfGM 'My Get Me There' smart card, and concessionary passes.
All card users are required to touch-in at these platform readers before commencing their journey and to touch-out at their final destination. Stops are provided with help/emergency call points to enable passengers to speak to control. Each stop is monitored by CCTV for public safety, and the images are continuously recorded. Route maps and general information are provided on each platform.
Each stop has at least one high-floor platform measuring a minimum of 2 metres (6.6 ft) wide, accessed by ramp, stairs, escalator, lift or combination thereof. Shelters and canopies at stops were supplied by JCDecaux, and ticket vending machines by Scheidt & Bachmann.
Manchester Metrolink Power Supply
The trams are electrically powered from 750 V DC overhead lines. Between 1992 and 2007, electricity for the Metrolink system was procured by the operator, based on price only. In 2007, GMPTE changed the contractual requirements to ensure that sustainable power would be factored into choosing an energy supplier, and in July 2007, Metrolink became the first light rail network in the UK with electricity supplied entirely from sustainable energy via hydropower. Now, energy for the system is generated by biomass.
Manchester Metrolink Overview
Manchester Metrolink Owner: Transport for Greater Manchester
Manchester Metrolink Locale: Greater Manchester
Manchester Metrolink Transit Type: Tram/Light rail
Manchester Metrolink Number of Lines: 8
Manchester Metrolink Number of Stations: 99
Manchester Metrolink Annual Ridership: 36.0 million (2022/23)
Manchester Metrolink Increase: 38.5%
Manchester Metrolink Chief Executive: Danny Vaughan (TfGM Metrolink Director)
Manchester Metrolink Headquarters: Metrolink Trafford Depot
Warwick Road South
M16 0GZ
Manchester Metrolink Began Operation: 6 April 1992, 31 years ago
Manchester Metrolink Operator(s): KeolisAmey Metrolink Ltd.
Number of Vehicles: 147 Bombardier M5000
Manchester Metrolink Train Length: 28.4 metres (93 ft)
Manchester Metrolink System Length: 64 miles (103 km)
Manchester Metrolink Track Gauge: 4 ft 8+1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Manchester Metrolink Minimum Radius of Curvature: 25 m (82 ft)
Manchester Metrolink Electrification: 750 V DC overhead line
Manchester Metrolink Top Speed: 50 miles per hour (80 km/h)
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