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Silverlink - C
Silverlink Rolling Stock
Silverlink inherited a fleet of Class 117 and Class 121 diesel multiple units, and Class 313 and Class 321 electric multiple units, from British Rail.
To replace the elderly Class 117s and 121s, which operated the Gospel Oak - Barking and Bletchley - Bedford services, seven Class 150 Sprinters were transferred from Central Trains in summer 1999, an eighth followed in 2006. Pending the Sprinters' arrival, Silverlink hired Class 31 locomotives from Fragonset to top and tail Mark 2 carriages on Bletchley - Bedford services in 1998/99.
The Class 313s operated Metro services on the electrified routes, they were joined on the Euston - Watford Junction service in 2003 by three Class 508s transferred from Merseyrail. The Class 321s operated County services to Northampton and Birmingham, they were joined in 2005 by new Class 350s. The Watford Junction - St Albans Abbey service was operated for many years by Class 313s, but later was usually operated by Class 321s with Silverlink Metro drivers and Silverlink County guards.
On 16 July 2004, Virgin Trains announced that it was withdrawing most of its stops at Milton Keynes Central, which were used by up to 6,000 passengers a day. Commuters became unhappy at the prospect of switching to older Silverlink trains, and a longer journey. Silverlink countered this with the temporary usage of ex-Virgin stock, still in Virgin colours.
The Strategic Rail Authority decided to divert thirty four-carriage Siemens Desiro trains from an order placed by South West Trains to provide stock with faster acceleration for the West Coast Main Line operators. These trains, the Class 350s, were not allocated to a specific operator, but were instead used jointly by Silverlink and Central Trains, both owned by National Express.
Pending the arrival of these trains, from September 2004 Silverlink introduced two sets of Mark 3 carriages, formerly of Virgin Trains, hauled by Virgin Class 87 and EWS Class 90 electric locomotives on peak-hour Northampton services. Additionally, five Class 321s were hired from One, another National Express-owned operator.
Silverlink Fleet
  • 121 Bubble Car   DMU
Gospel Oak to Barking Line
Marston Vale Line
1960   1997–2001
Replaced by Class 150s.
  • 150/1 Sprinter
1984–1987   1999–2007
  • 313/1   EMU
Silverlink Metro:
North London Line
West London Line
Watford DC Line
1976–1977   1997–2007
Refurbished between 1997 and 2001.
  • 321/4
Silverlink County:
Northampton Line
St Albans Abbey Line
1989–1990   1997–2007
  • 350/1 Desiro
Silverlink County:
Northampton Line
2004–2005   2004–2007
Shared use by Central Trains and Silverlink on the southern section of the West Coast Main Line.
  • 508/3
Silverlink Metro:
Watford DC Line
1979–1980   2003–2007
Refurbished 2003.
Silverlink Overview
Silverlink Franchise(s): North London Railways
2 March 1997 – 10 November 2007
Silverlink Main Region(s): Greater London
Silverlink Other Region(s): Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire,
Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire
Silverlink Fleet Size: 67
Silverlink Stations Called At: 88
Silverlink Parent Company: National Express
Silverlink Reporting Mark: SS
Silverlink Successors:
London Overground
London Midland
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