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British Rail APTIS Ticket
Before the introduction of APTIS (Accountancy and Passenger Ticket Issuing System), British Rail used the Edmondson railway ticket, first introduced in the 1840s and phased out in the early 1970s. Tickets issued from British Rail's APTIS system had a considerable amount of information presented in a consistent, standard format.
The design for all tickets was created by Colin Goodall. This format has formed the basis for all subsequent ticket issuing systems introduced on the railway network – ticket-office-based, self-service and conductor-operated machines alike. APTIS survived in widespread use for twenty years but, in the early 2000s, was largely replaced by more modern PC-based ticketing systems.
Some APTIS machines in the Greater London area were modified as APTIS-ANT (with no obvious difference to the ticket issued) to make them Oyster card compatible. The last APTIS machines were removed at the end of 2006 as there was no option to upgrade them to accept Chip and PIN credit card payments. The last APTIS-ANT ticket to be issued in the UK using one of the machines was at Upminster station on 21 March 2007.
Before the rail network was privatised, British Rail introduced several discount cards through the APTIS that were available to certain demographics, issued either by National or Regional schemes:
  • 16–25 Railcard.
  • The Network Railcard, introduced in 1986 by British Rail upon the creation of their Network SouthEast sector in parts of Southern England.
  • Disabled Persons Railcard, introduced in 1981 to coincide with the International Year of Disabled Persons.
  • Senior Railcard, introduced in 1970.
British Rail Overview
British Rail Type: State-owned enterprise
British Rail Industry: Railway transport, logistics, shipping, and manufacturing of rolling stock
British Rail Predecessor:
Great Western Railway
London, Midland & Scottish Railway
London & North Eastern Railway
Southern Railway
British Rail Founded: 1 January 1948
British Rail Defunct: 20 November 1997
British Rail Fate: Privatised
British Rail Successor:
National Rail
Train Operating Franchises:
British Rail Headquarters: London, England
British Rail Area Served: Great Britain
British Rail Key People: Alastair Morton
(Final Chairman of the British Railways Board)
British Rail Products: Rail transport, cargo transport, services
British Rail Owner: Government of the United Kingdom
British Rail Parent:
British Transport Commission
British Railways Board
British Rail Divisions:
From 1948:
Eastern Region
London Midland Region
North Eastern Region
Scottish Region
Southern Region
Western Region
British Rail Research Division
Collection & Delivery
Night Star Parcels
Rail Express Parcels
Red Star Parcels
From 1982:
Network SouthEast
Railfreight Distribution
Rail Express Systems
Regional Railways
Trainload Freight
British Rail Subsidiaries:
British Rail Engineering Ltd
British Transport Hotels
European Passenger Services
Travellers Fare
Rail Holidays
Rail Vacations
Luxury Trains
Luxury Tours
International Trains
International Tours
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