Island Line (Brand) - Island Line Rolling Stock - B

Island Line (Brand) - B
Island Line Rolling Stock
Standard National Rail vehicle types cannot be used by Island Line Trains, due to the low ceiling within Ryde Tunnel, where the track-bed needed to be raised following flooding. Instead, services are operated using Class 484 units, which are refurbished ex-London Underground tube trains originally built in 1978.
These recently replaced the older Class 483 which in turn had replaced the Class 485 units, which dated from 1923 and were introduced to the island in 1967 when the line was electrified. The Class 483 trains entered service on the island in 1989, originally painted in the standard Network SouthEast livery, and were replaced by the Class 484 trains in regular passenger service during 2021.
South West Trains bought the stock outright from the leasing company HSBC Rail in March 2007 for the nominal sum of £1. The purchase meant that the leasing costs, which were reimbursed by the government, were eliminated, thereby lowering the line's tax burden.
The rolling stock operate in the former London Regional Transport livery, which the units would have had when operating on the London Underground. Two units first received this livery in 2000, when the rest were painted in a blue livery with pictures of dinosaurs aiming to entice tourists in the summer months when passenger numbers are high.
A modern change is that there are yellow warning panels on the front ends of the units, required for the safety of track workers and a change compared with the original red. The livery was introduced as part of a refurbishment completed between 2007 and 2008, which also included work at all stations.
Rolling stock also received the same seat moquette that the London Underground A60 and A62 Stock received during their refurbishment between 1993 and 1998, and interior route maps in green. Stations also received new tarmac platforms, green and cream painted seating, new waiting shelters and 'heritage' style station name boards.
In September 2019, South Western Railway announced the Class 483s would be replaced by five two-car Class 484s in 2020. The first Class 484 unit, 484001, arrived on the Isle of Wight on 19 November 2020. The final unit, 484005, was delivered on 16 February 2022 and was moved to Ryde Traincare Depot on 29 February of the same year.
Island Line Current Fleet
  • Class 484   Electric multiple unit
Island Line
Entered service on 1 November 2021
1978–1981 (as D78 stock)
2019–2020 (rebuilt)
Island Line Past Fleet
  • Classes 485 and 486
Class 483
Island Line Route
The Island Line Railway has Eight Stations:
Ryde Pier Head
Ryde Esplanade
Ryde St John's Road
Smallbrook Junction
Island Line (Brand) Overview
Island Line Franchise(s): Island Line
13 October 1996 – 3 February 2007
Part of South Western franchise
4 February 2007 – present
Island Line Main Area(s): Isle of Wight
Island Line Fleet Size: 5
Island Line Stations Called at: 8
Island Line Parent Company: South Western Railway
Island Line Reporting Mark: IL
Island Line, Isle of Wight Legend Map
          ferries to Portsmouth
0-0    Ryde Pier Head
          Ryde Pier
0-32  Ryde Esplanade
          Hovercraft to Southsea
          tunnel under Ryde 396 yd 362 m
          B3330 St John's Road
1-19  Ryde St John's Road
          Ryde depot
2-17  Smallbrook Junction  
          Isle of Wight Steam Railway
          to Havenstreet & Wootton
          to Bembridge
4-55  Brading
          Sandown Road
          to Newport and Cowes
          Sandown sidings
6-42  Sandown
7-24  Lake
8-29  Shanklin
          closed 1966
          tunnel under
          St Boniface Down
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