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Stagecoach Group Controversy
Stagecoach Group Competitive Strategy
Following the deregulation of bus services in the United Kingdom, Stagecoach bought a number of the newly emerged small bus companies and ran free or low fare buses to put local rivals out of business. In Darlington, Stagecoach subsidiary Busways offered bounties to recruit drivers away from the existing bus service and offered free buses to deter the rival preferred bidder from taking over the existing bus service. This was "predatory, deplorable and against the public interest" according to findings from the Monopolies & Mergers Commission.
In 2000, Stagecoach Manchester was found to have been employing bus inspectors to usher passengers away from competitor's services. During 2005, alleged aggressive behaviour by Stagecoach drivers, seeking to compete with Scotbus, resulted in an arson fire at a Stagecoach East Scotland garage.
Between 2006 and 2007, Stagecoach Manchester and UK North engaged in a bus war on route 192 and on the Wilmslow Road bus corridor that caused traffic chaos in Manchester. In November 2009, the Competition Commission ordered Stagecoach to sell Preston Bus after it had adversely affected competition in the area, the sale was completed as instructed in January 2011.
Stagecoach Group Controversial Chairman
The Stagecoach Group has also indirectly attracted criticism through controversial statements and actions made by its chairman and co-founder, Brian Souter, regarding certain public statements and his funding of a campaign to block the repeal of the Section 28 law. In 2000, OutRage! spokesman Peter Tatchell, called for a boycott of the bus and rail group.
Stagecoach Group Guided Busway
Stagecoach operate buses along the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway. The Guide wheels on the side of the buses, combined with a specially built track mean that hands free driving is possible. The main advantages of a guided busway, versus a normal road are higher speeds (meaning increased capacity) and increased safety as traffic of differing directions is physically separated.
Stagecoach Group Overview
Stagecoach Group Formerly: Stagecoach Group plc
Stagecoach Group Type: Private
Stagecoach Group Industry: Public transport
Stagecoach Group Founded: 1980, 43 years ago
Stagecoach Group Founder: Brian Souter
Ann Gloag
Robin Gloag
Stagecoach Group Headquarters: Perth, Scotland, UK
Stagecoach Group Area Served: United Kingdom
Stagecoach Group Key People: Ray O'Toole (Chairman & Chief Executive)
Stagecoach Group Products: Bus, coach, tram and train services
Stagecoach Group Revenue: Increase £1,372.6 million (2023)
Stagecoach Group Operating Income: Increase £77.8 million (2023)
Stagecoach Group Net Income: Decrease £23.2 million (2023)
Stagecoach Group Number of Employees: 24,000 (2023)
Stagecoach GroupParent: Inframobility
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