Southern (GTR) - Southern Rolling Stock - D

Southern (GTR) - D
Southern Rolling Stock
As of May 2022, Southern services are almost entirely operated by 214 Class 377 electric multiple units, with the exception of services on the unelectrified Marshlink line and the Uckfield branch of the Oxted line, which use Class 171 diesel multiple units.
South Central inherited a fleet of Class 205, Class 207, Class 319, Class 421, Class 423, Class 455 and Class 456 multiple-unit trains from Connex South Central. Southern inherited a Class 73 locomotive and Class 460 Juniper trains from Gatwick Express.
A franchise commitment was to replace all the Mark 1 slam-door stock, resulting in Southern ordering 28 three-car DC, 139 four-car DC and 15 four-car dual-voltage Class 377 Electrostars in September 2001 and March 2002 to replace the Class 421, Class 422 and Class 423s.
In August 2002 Southern ordered nine two-car and six four-car Class 171 Turbostars to replace the Class 205s and Class 207s on the routes that are not fully electrified. In 2006 a tenth two-car Class 171 was transferred from South West Trains.
In 2007, Southern ordered 12 four-car, dual-voltage Class 377/5 Electrostars to replace the remaining twelve Class 319s for transfer to First Capital Connect. In March 2008 Go Ahead purchased a further 11 Class 377/5s.
All 23 ended up being sublet to First Capital Connect to provide extra stock for the Thameslink Programme Key Output Zero changes from March 2009. However, due to delays in their production, Class 377/2s were also sublet. To cover for this, Class 350/1s were subleased from London Midland.
To provide stock for the extended Gatwick Express services to Brighton, in 2008 Southern leased 17 Class 442 Wessex Electrics withdrawn by South West Trains in early 2007. After retaining the franchise in 2009, Southern leased the remaining seven Class 442s. The last of the Class 460 Junipers were withdrawn in September 2012.
To release Class 377/3s for use on London suburban services, Southern introduced a fleet of ex-London Overground Class 313s on the Coastway lines from May 2010. These remained in service until 2023, when they were withdrawn from service and was replaced by Class 377s.
In 2011, Southern announced that, because of delays in procuring new trains for the Thameslink Programme, the 23 Class 377/5s on sub-lease to First Capital Connect would not be returned in time to deliver the operator's planned capacity increases from the December 2013 timetable change. It therefore began a process to procure 130 new vehicles.
It was announced in December 2011 that Bombardier had been contracted to supply 26 five-car Class 377/6s. In November 2012 it was announced that an option for a further 40 vehicles was being exercised.
All twenty-four Class 456s were transferred to South West Trains in 2014 after the introduction of the Class 377/6 fleet.
In April 2016, Southern commenced a lease for nine three-carriage Class 170s last used by First ScotRail from Eversholt Rail Group. Four (170421-424) moved to Wolverton Works in 2015 and were reconfigured as two two-carriage and two four-carriage Class 171s. The other five (170416-420) remain in Scotland on sub-lease to Abellio ScotRail and were scheduled to move to Southern in 2018.
In May 2022, Southern withdrew its Class 455s and received 2 Class 377s from Southeastern.
On 7 September 2022, three Class 171s, having been reformed to three-car formations and renumbered to 170422–424, transferred to East Midlands Railway.
Southern (GTR) Current Fleet
  • 171 Turbostar   DMU
Oxted line (London Bridge - Uckfield)
Marshlink line (Eastbourne - Ashford Int'l)
  • 377 Electrostar   EMU
Entire Southern network apart from Oxted line (Hurst Green - Uckfield) & Marshlink line (Ore - Ashford Int'l) sections
2001–2005   2012–2014
  • 387 Electrostar
Entire Southern network apart from Oxted line (Hurst Green - Uckfield) & Marshlink line (Ore - Ashford Int'l) sections
Southern (GTR) Past Fleet
Former units operated by Southern include:
  • 205 (3H)   DMU
1957–1962   2004
Replaced by Class 171 Turbostar
  • 207 (3D)
  • 313   EMU
1976–1977 2023
Replaced by Class 377 Electrostar 
  • 319
1987   2008
Replaced by Class 377 Electrostar
  • 350/1 Desiro
2004–2005   2009
Subleased from London Midland in 2008 to provide cover for Class 377 Electrostar units subleased to First Capital Connect. After newer Class 377 Electrostar trains were built, these units were returned to London Midland.
Replaced by newer Class 377 Electrostar units.
  • 421 (4CIG)
1964–1966   2005
Replaced by Class 377 Electrostar
  • 423 (4VEP)
  • 455
1982–1984   2022
  • 456
1990–1991   2014
Replaced by Class 377/6 Electrostar
Southern (Govia Thameslink Railway) Overview
Southern (GTR) Franchise(s):
Network SouthCentral
26 August 2001 – 24 May 2003
South Central
25 May 2003 – 19 September 2009
Gatwick Express
22 June 2008 – 19 September 2009
South Central (incl Gatwick Express)
20 September 2009 – 25 July 2015
Part of Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern
26 July 2015 – 1 April 2028
Southern (GTR) Main Region(s): Greater London, South East England
Southern (GTR) Other Region(s): East of England
Southern (GTR) Fleet Size:
17 Class 171 Turbostar sets
214 Class 377 Electrostar sets
4 Class 387 Electrostar sets
Southern (GTR) Stations Called At: 213
Southern (GTR) Stations Operated: 156
Southern (GTR) Parent Company: Govia Thameslink Railway
Southern (GTR) Reporting Mark: SN
Southern (GTR) Technical Track Gauge: 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+1⁄2 in) standard gauge
Southern (GTR) Electrification: 750 V DC third rail
25 kV 50 Hz AC OHLE
Southern (GTR) Length: 666.3 km (414.0 mi)
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